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<s>Sup I'm Dandy. I think I'm very funny and if you don't I'm very funny then I don't think you're very funny. --[[User talk:Chaos|<font color="black">ςοάχ?]]</font> -- 18:16, June 11, 2010 (UTC)</s>
im a big stupid noob
(22:48:33) Dandy: Hmmm okay. I'm Dandy and they call me a faggot, a derogatory term, obviously, and I do prefer to be referred to as "sexually liberal". I come from a respected family of rein-deer herders, but despite my unlimited respect for my ancestors, I see my future in the modern society. A realist as I am, I see no future in the shrinking branch of "poro-herding", as it's known.
(22:49:42) Dandy: I'm a very relaxed, though obviously serious, personality, not holding grudges but definitely remembering them long. I take interest in about fucking everything, but music and psychology hold a very special place in my dick.
(22:49:57) Dandy: Heart*, I meant to say. My god, how did it slip me like that.
(22:53:26) Dandy: I'm not entirely sure if philosophy deserves a mention, but a philosophical nature is so incredibly "incorporated" in me, that perhaps it's worth noting. Despite this philosophical shit, I'm very convenient and choose a straightforward and simple approach whenever my analytical personality doesn't tell me it's plain fucking dumb, or if my OCD thinks that the old and familiar approach is obviously optimal.
(22:54:34) Dandy: Oh, and also, despite being very friendly and altruistic and all, I do hold some cynic traits; I've convinced myself that I'm the kind of '''strong and cold person''' who manages mostly any emotional damage, and I hate you all. Have a nice day! ^______^
Also, Feel free to add me, whoever you are. ~--'''<span style="font-family:Lithos Pro Regular;">[[User:Chaos Messenger|<font color="goldenrod">DANDY]] [[User_talk:Chaos|^_^]]''' </font></span>-- 19:58, June 16, 2010 (UTC)
{{User:Chaos Messenger/Serious Song of the Whenever}}
'''[[/PvX:Promil Principle|PvX:Promil Principle]]
'''[[/Pwetty Collors|Pwetty Collorsss!]]
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[[Category:Users that did Jake's sister]]

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im a big stupid noob

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