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Gone for a week!. Cruise to Alaska
:This is also known as the "Oh shit I just got admin'd on PvX - I really need to get out more" move. It's a fairly common move, with many recent promotions having seen it played shortly afterward. <span style="cursor:help;font:8pt 'Verdana';font-weight:100;">'''···'''&nbsp;''[[User_talk:Daññy|<span style="font-weight:100;"><span style="color: #68838B;">Danny&nbsp;</span><span style="color: #355058;">So</span>&nbsp;<span style="color: #021725;">Cute</span></span>]]''</span>&nbsp;[[User:Daññy|<span style="color:#666666;font:100 8pt 'times new roman';">23:43,&nbsp;3&nbsp;July&nbsp;2010&nbsp;(UTC)</span>]]
Fow record bitches
[[User:Life Guardian/Srs Userpage|Srs Userpage]]
[[User:Life Guardian/Srs Userpage|Srs Userpage]]

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gw230.jpg Fow record bitches

Srs Userpage

User:Life Guardian/Pages I get to stalk

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