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Description Edit

Uses the Assassin's ability to Critical Hit with Bows and Enchants through the manipulation of the spam-ability of Quick shot combined with Disrupting Accuracy to interrupt targets with a 91% Chance.

<pvxbig> Assassin-icon-small/Ranger-icon-small Mosquito[build prof=assas/rang critical=12+1+3 Mark=12][Quick shot][Needling Shot][Optional][Optional][Optional][Disrupting Accuracy][Critical Eye][Way of the Master][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

The Equipment Template for this build is:
  • The Runes
  • 15%^50/15%^Ench Bow with 20%/20% Sund
  • Optional Armor

Usage Edit

  • 1. Maintain Enchants + Disrupting Accuracy(
  • 2. Pick Target
  • 3. Auto Attack just once
  • 4. Immediately Use Quick shot
  • 5. Repeat Step 3-4 until target is 50%(preferably below 50%)
  • 6. Spam Needling Shot to finish target with higher rate of interrupting.
  • 7. DO NOT SPAM Quick shot; Energy will go down.

Areas Edit

  • Jade Quarry (Alot of "Snipe Points")
  • Fort Aspenwood
  • Random Arenas
  • PvE teams of heros(not Discord)

Optional PvP Edit

  • Keen Arrow
  • Volley(For Capturing Un-playered Shrines.)[Note: Removes D-Acc]
  • Hunter's Shot for degen on target to prepare for needling shot.
  • Anything Else(Maybe an IMS)

Optional PvE Edit

  • Critical Agility
  • Triple Shot(does 91% crit X 3 make you wet yourself with excitement?)
  • Last Slot Completely Personal Choice
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