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Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build name="a/w empty palm way" prof=assa/warri shadow=6 tactic=6 critic=9 deadly=9+2 dagger=10+1+3][way of the empty palm][critical eye][fear me][Flurry][Critical Defenses][unsuspecting strike][fox fangs][repeating strike][/build] </pvxbig> Describe the build. Temple code: OwFkUddqXOqz2T/5WwKDwHGDD6B


this build is for speed targeting. if you need some knock down skills or cripling skill, replace Unsuspecting Strike for one of these skills. but these skills recharge slower.

replace Unsuspecting Strike (skill 6) for: Leaping Mantis Sting (cripling while moving foes) Iron Palm (knock down while conditioned foes)

ReplaceCritical Defanses (skill 5) for: Way of Perfection (for more healing in stad of blocking) (remember to remove your points from critical Strikes to Shadow Arts) (from 10 critical strikes ---> 8 critical strikes) (from 0 shadow arts ---> 6 shadow arts)


before you battle:

activate Way of the Empty Palm activate Critical Eye activate Frenzy activate Way of Perfection

select an enemy and use skill 6 7 and 8 activate skill 3 and 4 every time you can.

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