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Uses Onslaught to compact the bar and deliver a strong spike.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/D crit=11+1+1 dag=12+1 wind=6][unsuspecting strike][golden fang strike][horns of the ox][falling lotus strike][blades of steel][optional][onslaught][resurrection signet][/build]

Optional should be:

  • [[Caltrops]
  • [[Signet of Pious Restraint@6]
  • [[Dash]
  • [[Death's Charge]
  • [[Iron Palm]
  • [[Assassin's Remedy@13]
  • [[Attacker's Insight@6]


  • Full Survivor
  • Vampiric/Zealous/Elemental Daggers of Fortitude


  • Use Onslaught a few seconds before the spike, this will let it both recharge before the chain does along and help with the energy cost.
  • Kill with 1->5.
  • Resurrect allies.


  • Enchantment removal
  • Anti-melee hexes


  • [[Falling Spider@13] instead of Falling Lotus Strike.
  • [[Golden Fox Strike@13] instead of Unsuspecting Strike
  • [[Death Blossom@13] instead of Blades of Steel.


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