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  • mindblades have leech signet now

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Allows easy ecto farming on the chaos plains outputting damage with the Dervish's scythe.

Build Player

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/D dead=1 sha=11+1+3 cri=10+1 scy=10][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form][Shroud of Distress][Way of Perfection][Ebon Battle Standard of Honor][By Urals Hammer][Critical Agility][Dark Escape][/build] </pvxbig>

Optional Slots >

      • Asuran Scan, for scattering mobs and faster kills.
      • Aura of the Holy Might, for constant max-sf cap hits. for EBSOH
      • IAU! If you're taking Step ONE(see below) for higher survivability. for By Urals Hammer
      • Eremite's Attack OR Mystic Sweep for a quick e-gain/dmg output.


  • Caster Staff with +20% ench , +5e/ench or ^50. Inspired Ghostly Staff should do.
  • Caster Scythe with 20% ench and 15^50 + Zealous mod. Scythe of Corruption should do.
  • Caster armor with either radiant,blessed or survivor insignias.


  • Take the 3 man hero solo sin way for chamber. ( SoS RT / RoJ mo & SS Necro )


  • Don't take quest yet, aggro the first group of two Bladed Aatxe's. (keep up protective spirit) make sure you Body Block them, now let your heroes cast SS and SoS with theyre skills.
  • Do this with all groups of bladed Aatxes
  • Take the quest and flag your heroes in the corner.
  • Use the heroes Protective Spirit skill on yourself and aggro the Grasping Darknesses from the left side.
  • After you've killed them aggro the second group of Graspings and use the same steps as above.
  • Do the same with group three.
  • Run to the entrance and clear all groups at the entrance with the same information.
  • After, [ You can either do step 1, for fast but unsafe runs. Or step 2 for a slow/safe run.
  • Step ONE - Kill the obsidian behemoths to clear a path to the entrance of mountains (uphill).
  • Run through the skeleton of dhuum up to the chaos plains. [Beware of blocked entrances]
  • Step TWO - Kill all obsidian behemoths to clear a path to the entrance of mountains (uphill).
  • Now here you continue killing the Charged Blacknesses in your way. (body block them and take aggro.)
  • Kill everything to clear you're way to the Chaos Plains and when at the Entrance, flag them away in a corner outside of plains aggro.
  • Contin'n at plains, Aggro the first group consisting of the Two Wailing Lords and one Banished Dream Rider
  • Aggro them all together so that you're scythe hits for the maximum.
  • Repeat with mindblades and all other groups.


  • Failing Chamber Body Blocks.
  • Blocked Entrances with heroes dead.
  • Bugged Heroes walking into traps.
  • Aggroing to much skeletons of dhuum for greed.
  • Standard SF-Lag.
  • Alt F4.


  • Shadow's Scythe was an old build used for FoW Farming pre-nerf.
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