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This build utilizes the elite Shadow Arts skill Shadow Form and the earth magic skill Sliver Armor to quickly take down bosses that are accompanied by medium/large mobs to efficiently farm their green items. It is also very good at farming the Nolani Academy bosses in HM to obtain elite tomes.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=assas/eleme shadow=12+1+3 earthm=12 airmag=3][Shadow Form][Glyph of Elemental Power][Sliver Armor][Dragon's Stomp][Aftershock][Death's Charge][Dark Escape][Dash][/build] </pvxbig>




  • When Sliver Armor deals only half damage to bosses, the boss will most likely not die.
  • The new update on August 7, 2008 now reduces Sliver Armor's damage by 33% when Shadow Form is active meaning you cannot kill the majority of bosses listed



  • This build was originally posted at GuildWars Guru and GWOnline.
  • Sometimes the skill Sliver Armor may start hitting other enemies instead of the boss.
  • Ranger bosses often cannot be killed because of their elemental resistance.
  • In-game this build is often referred to as "Shadow Farmer".

List of soloable bosses

Total Number of Soloable Bosses: 138

  • Please add info of the level of difficulty for each boss (Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard) also add the location where the boss is, for easier preview.


11 Current Bosses

Remember Hard Mode is only available in Nolani once you complete prophecies campaign.


51 Current Bosses

  • Shing Jea Island
  • Kaineng City
    • Bukdek Byway:
      • Warrior-icon-smallWing, Three Blade - Medium (This may prove difficult because of the high HP of the boss, lack of mobs and a Rt healing him)
    • Wajjun Bazaar:
    • The Undercity:
      • Necromancer-icon-smallChan the Dragon's Blood - Easy/Very Easy (The run is easy if you have Feigned and just use aftershock on him once and then use feigned to heal because of the signets)
      • Mesmer-icon-smallMina Shatter Storm - Easy/Very Easy (The run is easy if you have Feigned and just use aftershock on her once and then use feigned to heal because of the signets)
      • Elementalist-icon-smallChung, the Attuned - Medium (The run is easy if you have Feigned and just use aftershock on him once and then use feigned to heal because of the signets)
      • Elementalist-icon-smallBaubao Wavewrath - Medium (The run is easy if you have Feigned and just use aftershock on him once and then use feigned to heal because of the signets)
    • Shenzun Tunnels:
    • Xaquang Skyway:
      • Necromancer-icon-smallGhial the Bone Dancer - Medium/Hard (Feigned Neutrality is NOT a neccessity for the run. Beware of the mesmers for they will disrupt your sliver armor TIP: All mesmers interrupt at once, so consider bringing a "scapegoat" spell with a long activation time, such as Dragon Stomp or Obsidian Flame.)
      • Assassin-icon-smallShreader Sharptongue - Very Easy/Easy (Exchange Shock or Aftershock with Shadow Refuge and aggro as many groups as possible for most damage) hard mode(very easy/medium(just run until ressurections shrine and die because they will keep on following, when the bridge is free of vermins run over it and try to kill shreader the same way as in normal mode
      • Monk-icon-smallZiinfaun Lifeforce - Easy/Medium (Hit Ziinfaun with your weapon to interrupt Ethereal Light)
      • Ritualist-icon-smallOrosen, Tranquil Acolyte - Medium/Hard(Take stone daggers instead of Dash,When he starts charging for you, use Shadow Form,Then Deaths Charge on him make sure you aggro 2 groups in his back, Then play Glyph,Armor,Shock,After Shock,And Spam Stone Daggers.)
    • Sunjiang District: (only after the mission)
    • Raisu Palace:
    • Pongmei Valley
      • Assassin-icon-small Xuekao, the Deceptive- Easy/Medium Be sure to let the Jade Brotherhood attack the Am Fah before you approach the boss, as the Knights will attack the surrounding Am Fah making for a quick kill with 1-3 possible attackers. (note- there is usualy too much healing power to kill him - Simply take out the two healers first one at a time than kill xuekao to resolve this issue) ~ The dagger that he drops is really nice for Assassins using the Vigor Build where you use enchants every 30 sec.The Am Fah Necromancers use barbed signet , which will bypass shadow form allowing them to hurt you. Taking Obsidian Flame may also help, as it is easier to spam than shock and deals more damage.
      • Ritualist-icon-small The Afflicted Hakaru - Easy/Medium Aggro the small patrol to the north when they get close for extra damage dealt to Hakaru.
  • Echovald Forest
    • Ferndale:
      • Assassin-icon-smallWarden of Saprophytes - Hard (Warden of the Trunks must be removed first, resurrection portal nearby to keep going at it, possible at 60% dp.)
    • Melandru's Hope:
    • Drazach Thicket:
      • Ranger-icon-smallChkkr Thousand Tail - Hard/Very Hard (Really hard to keep going unless you have a backup for Sliver Armor, as it'll run out to quickly)
    • Morostav Trail:
      • Assassin-icon-smallFalaharn Mistwarden - Medium (Bring Shadow of Haste should the attempt to kill fail and you must retreat).
      • Warrior-icon-smallSunreach Warmaker - Easy/Medium (Bring Shadow of Haste and Rust and if you feel the need, Feigned Neutrality too. Go in first without the boss in your mind, make Falaharn Mistwarden appear. Warp back using a stance. Go in again and aggro every mob, pull Sunreach with staff and cast glyph then sliver then rust, he will go down quickly.)
      • Warrior-icon-smallStrongroot Tanglebranch - Medium/Hard (Go around the other way and aggro the nearby kirin and dragon moss and use Rust and Caltrops to subdue him and spam Obsidian Flame to kill him.)
      • Necromancer-icon-smallKyril Oathwarden - Medium/Hard (Hard to make sliver armor target kyril; take feigned neutrality to survive traps.)
      • Ritualist-icon-smallRitualist's Construct - Easy/Medium (Very few mobs surrounding him, making it harder to kill. Replacing run skills or Shock & Aftershock with Obsidian Flame & Crystal Wave/Teinai's Wave can help overcome this obstacle.)
    • The Eternal Grove: (only after the mission)
      • Monk-icon-smallThe Scar Eater - Very Easy/Easy (Also a fairly easy boss to practice on, you must follow the 1st group that comes near the shrine, when you get near the boss aggro it and jump near the boss, also a good idea can be to change shock and aftershock for gale and Obsidian Flame). This boss goes down even faster in Hard Mode.
      • Monk-icon-smallJayne Forestlight - Easy/Medium (Advisable to bring Shadow of Haste, Watch out for warriors, as they can KD with "None Shall Pass!". If not killed at first attempt, warp back with any stance and retry)
      • Elementalist-icon-smallWiseroot Shatterstone - Medium (Sliver armor does not tend to stay on him,or will target lately,must aggro both mobs before him and his mob to fully kill)
      • Mesmer-icon-smallThe Time Eater - Easy/Medium (Add skills for more damage because very few mobs are surrounding him.Time for his interruption signet!!!!!)
      • Assassin-icon-smallBramble Everthorn - Easy/Medium (need to aggro 1-2 warden or plant groups to bypass his regen)
    • Mourning Veil Falls:
      • Assassin-icon-smallDarkroot Entrop - Very Easy/Easy (Just aggro both groups,attack him with your weapon once before you cast sliver armor and then again after your cast it to stop him from running.) Easy in HM, may take two tries.
      • Mesmer-icon-smallMilefaun Mindflayer - Easy/Medium (Aggro another group of wardens near, may attract Rt wardens which increase difficulty)
      • Necromancer-icon-smallFoalcrest Darkwish - Easy/Medium (Aggro the nearby group of Mantises and die yourself; he will make Bone Fiends which give you just enough damage for Sliver Armor.)
      • Mesmer-icon-smallXisni Dream Haunt - Easy/Medium (Add Teinai's Crystals, Crystal Wave and Obsidian Flame. Use Shadow of Haste for multiple tries. As Xisni is highly resistant to elemental damage, consider bringing shell shock to boost sliver armor's damage.)
      • Elementalist-icon-smallRahse Windcatcher - Easy/Medium (Same build as with Xisni. Walk to pick up the Warden group, hit Glyph of Ele Power, turn around, hit Shadow Form outside his aggro and shadow step. If the wardens follow, he should be dead. As Rahse is highly resistant to elemental damage, consider bringing shell shock to boost sliver armor's damage.)
      • Ritualist-icon-smallBazzr Dustwing - Easy/Medium (The run to Bazzr is generally easy as long as you do not get aggro from the two groups of mantises at the outpost door. After shadow stepping to Bazzr, bear in mind that you must not hit him with your weapon because you will soon find out that you are killed by Vengeful Weapon and Vengeful Was.)
      • Warrior-icon-smallChkkr Ironclaw - Medium (It is quite hard to run directly to where Chkkr is. However, it is possible to be resurrected in the resurrection shrine close to his group if you are in a Kurzick guild while the outpost is controlled by the Luxons. This also works in the opposite case. After you are resurrected at the shrine, try to pull the group of wardens which is very close to the shrine with Chkkr's group. The wardens can possibly help you take out the annoying mantis mender in Chkkr's group. Without healing from the mantis mender, Chkkr will fall rather quickly as he doesn't spam his healing signet quite often.)
  • Jade Sea
    • Boreas Seabed:
      • Warrior-icon-smallSskai, Dragon's Birth - Medium (This may prove difficult because of the high HP of the boss and lack of mobs surrounding him but wait 1-2 minutes behind the wall (avoid the invisible Oni) and a new group of Naga will approach. Use them to add to the damage. Rust might help as well in order to reduce the number of times he uses Healing Signet. Consider swapping with a run skill and use an alternate path - it's easier if you've done Luxon quests.))
    • Gyala Hatchery:
    • Maishang Hills:
      • Necromancer-icon-smallSessk, Woe Spreader - Very Easy (Best for practice, sometimes hard to target - easier run from Gyala Hatchery) Very Easy In Hard mode as well.
    • Silent Surf:
      • Mesmer-icon-smallKenrii Sea Sorrow - Very Easy Start fro Leviathan Pits and use shadow form to run past the group of Wallows and the Island Guardian boss. Next hide from the oncoming group of outcasts near the coral and the rest of the run is home-free. Kenrii will go down double-time (which is like 3 seconds) in Hard Mode.
      • Assassin-icon-smallAssassin's Construct - Easy/Medium (Switch Shock for Stone Daggers and Death's Charge for Obsidian Flame, after you cast Sliver just use stone daggers 2-3 times, then Aftershock, then Obsidian Flame)
    • Rhea's Crater:
      • Assassin-icon-smallOnis for Ungues of the Oni - Easy/Medium (The hardest part is getting there, once there it's easy to kill them two/three at a time, just watch out for the Outcast Deathhands, as they WILL end your run!)
    • Mount Qinkai
    • Archipelagos:


70 Current Bosses

  • Istan
  • Kourna
    • Sunward Marches:(Consider getting the +1 earth magic blessing from the Melandru's shrine outside Dajkah Inlet. Although it is not necessary.)
    • Marga Coast:
      • Warrior-icon-smallChor the Bladed - Very Easy/Easy (Just aggro the group of Mirage Ibogas near him and try not to be interrupted while casting shadow form. Cast Sliver Armor when he uses Frenzy)(for HM "You Move Like a Dwarf" and "Finish Him" will help take him down quicker and keep him from running)
      • Assassin-icon-smallLunto Sharpfoot - Medium/Hard (You must pull him towards the mirage ilbogas and then usually only 1 of his monks will come and then its easy. but you want to be beside the monk when you activate sliver so when he uses shadowmeld sliver armor is still targeting him. then it will be Easy/Medium)
      • Elementalist-icon-smallBosun Mohrti - Medium/Hard (Aggro the insects nearby and Frigid skales and snare with Caltrops.)
      • Dervish-icon-smallBubahl Icehands - Medium/Hard (Aggro nearby insects, Shadow Step to him, and use Gale instead of Shock. This can be difficult due to Vile Touch)
      • Monk-icon-smallChidehkir, Light of the Blind - Medium (Aggro nearby Kournan patrol. If you deaths charge to Chidehkir, sometimes the patrol will not get pulled. Also, sometimes instead of targeting Chidehkir another insect will get targeted instead.)
      • Mesmer-icon-smallNeoli the Contagious - Hard/Very Hard (Clear out Kuskale lashers first with sliver armour, this may take quite a few runs, high dp.)
    • The Floodplain of Mahnkelon:
      • Ranger-icon-smallZelnehlun Fastfoot - Very Easy/Easy (He is dead in 4 seconds if Sliver Armor targets him)(Hard Mode, Easy/Medium the hardestr part is running through the group of Ntoukas)
      • Necromancer-icon-smallTerob Roundback - Easy/Medium Becomes more difficult depending on the number of monks that spawn next to him, try to shoot for only one if not none at all.Difficult to pull another group to his, sliver has trouble targeting him.
      • Assassin-icon-smallAdmiral Kaya - Easy/Medium (Wait for the hekets to get near, sometimes there are 2 monks which increases difficulty. Nearby Stoneaxe Heket may also make this difficult by staying too close to you for Sliver Armor to target anything but them.)
      • Necromancer-icon-smallJerneh Nightbringer - Medium/Hard (Bring Feigned Neutrality and use immediately after Sliver Armor to keep health up from Vile Touch)
      • Warrior-icon-smallRobah Hardback - Medium/Hard (Bring Feigned Neutrality to survive surrounding mob's vile touch)
      • Elementalist-icon-smallBuhon Icelord - Medium/Hard (Necro skales near him have Touch skills. Cope with it.)
    • Arkjok Ward:
      • Warrior-icon-smallOnwan, Lord of the Ntouka - Medium (Leave from command post and follow river into lake and bring feigned neutrality as a cover over sliver armour and shadow form - cast feigned last so it gets stripped)
      • Necromancer-icon-smallModti Darkflower - Easy/Medium (Killing him is Very Easy, but the run is a bit heavy)
      • Ritualist-icon-smallLieutenant Kayin - Very Easy (Just aggro one other group, and he goes down in roughly 10 seconds. Bring Feigned Neutrality in Hard Mode, as his Destructive was Glaive item spell can bypass Shadow Form and can kill you in one shot.)
      • Paragon-icon-small Eshau Longspear - Easy/Medium (You need to aggro the group of Mandragors behind him. Rezone if that party has a Mandragor Imp in it.)
      • Mesmer-icon-small Captain Chichor - Easy/Medium (Approach the small base from the north, and wait for him to patrol outwards.)
    • Dejarin Estate:
      • Assassin-icon-smallMajor Jeahr - Medium (Approach from Camp Hojanu, although it is possible to approach from Kodonur Crossroads using dash and death's charge)
      • Ritualist-icon-smallPodaltur the Angry - Easy (body blocking during the run to him may be a hassle due to the large amount of hekets on the way)
    • Barbarous Shore:
      • Paragon-icon-small Lieutenant Shagu: - Hard (You must aggro nearby enemies, while avoiding Dervishes and Warriors. If you do this, and sliver armor keep targeting him, he will fall fairly quickly, provided he isn't healed by the monks supporting him.)
      • Mesmer-icon-small Midshipman Morolah: - Easy (Go through the right side of the shore through the cavern. Pretty easy kill, although watch out for the main Kournan group in the cave, they are sometimes hard to get through because of the Corsair Net, Crippling, and Poison.)
    • Bahdok Caverns:
      • Paragon-icon-smallWandalz the Angry - Medium/Hard (The hardest part about this boss is getting to him. You need to learn the hiding spots on the map, as the spawns in this particular area are quite massive to be running around by yourself. You'll want to keep the original build intact, and use speed buffs across the bridge. Once across, glyph, death's charge, and sliver armor, he goes down rather quick. Throw a shock and aftershock in there to see it go a little faster. If in hard mode, it is easier to go from Wahhan Terraces than Moddok Crevice, as you encounter less groups bunched together and more groups by themselves who can be passed with a dark escape + death's charge concept.)
    • Jahai Bluffs:
      • Paragon-icon-small Corporal Argon - Medium\hard Aggro as many near by mobs as you can and try to maintain sliver armor on him. There are some nearby monks so he may be healed before you can kill him. When his health is low, use Obsidian Flame and Tenais Crystals and he should fall. He may take a few times to get used to. He may get annoying if you dont know how to solo Xuekao with this build.
      • Necromancer-icon-small Shelboh the Ravenous - Easy Just agro the group of Tusked mobs nearby and it should be fine.
    • Turai's Procession:
      • Elementalist-icon-smallKorr, Living Flame - Medium/Hard (Don't lure the nearby water djinn, Sliver armor will target them instead)
      • Monk-icon-smallChiossen, Soothing Breeze - Medium/Hard (The Rampaging Ntouka make this hard, use Feigned Neutrality as the Rampaging Ntouka run towards you and it will strip Feign Neutrality instead of Sliver Armor or even worse, Shadow Form. Aggro the nearby hekets to the north of Chiossen's group. Pack Obsidian Flame and Aftershock to speed up the killing.)
  • Realm of Torment - (Lightbringer title in this area will alter effectiveness.)
    • Nightfallen Jahai
      • Assassin-icon-smallChimor the Lightblooded - Easy Leave from Gate of Nightfallen Lands; if the first group of Demons spawned too close to the exit, rezone and try again. If the spawn was good for you, follow the second group of Demons and only engage Chimor after this group has passed him and is well clear or you will die. Do not rush! There are a few patrols just in front of Chimor, keep free from them and maneuver yourself in such a position that you can easily jump to Chimor the moment he is close to these patrols. take your time the first few runs, once you know the patrols it's very easy even on HM. (Nice pair of daggers if you don't have a +Energy/+Enchantment Staff)
      • Dervish-icon-smallOnslaught of Terror - Easy (Need to aggro at least one other group, elementalists and mesmers can interrupt/slow, bring Feigned Neutrality)
    • Domain of Pain
      • Dervish-icon-smallFahralon the Zealous - Easy/Medium (Before entering battle, try using Dark Escape to minimize the damage taken from AoE and Dreadful Pain. If farming in Hard Mode, take Armor of Earth in place of Dash to limit Mystic Twister's damage to approximately 120.)
      • Monk-icon-smallBringer of Deceit - Medium/Hard (If you come directly through the temple after killing Fahralon, you will need to run past his group and aggro a group of Margonites on the bridge a short distance from their patrol. Scythes of Chaos will keep aggro for a long distance, so avoid Shadow Form if no Rain of Terrors are around. May take a few tries to get Sliver Armor to target the boss, so if you notice damage isn't on Bringer, run away and repeat the pulling process.)
    • Domain of Fear
      • Monk-icon-smallFlame of Fervor - Hard/Very Hard (You need to bring a full party of heroes or henchies. Your skill bar should have a deep wound inflicting skill, such as Augury of Death or "Finish Him!" as well as Intensity and Lightbringer's Gaze for extra damge. Once you reach its mob, observe if there's a Shadow of Fear (monster) If there is, send all of your heroes to the mob and have them die. After four minions are raised by the Shadow of Fear, run into them and die yourself, and then flag your heroes far away, then go yourself to kill the boss.
      • Paragon-icon-smallShrieker of Dread - Hard (you'll need to aggro several (ideally 3) patrols to take him down; wait for them to converge). Also watch out for the Death Nova when killed.
      • Elementalist-icon-smallStorm of Anguish - Medium (Difficult to get to, try to slip between the two first mobs, lure another mob for easy kill)
    • Depths of Madness
      • Warrior-icon-smallReaper of Agony - Hard/Very Hard (Time your run when he has moved near the two groups of Margonites. The long run and the titan patrols around him make it hard. Also consider bringing Obsidian Flame, Dragon's Stomp to replace Shock and Aftershock.)
      • Assassin-icon-smallRavager of Dreams - Very Hard (Approach from the north, and pull 2-3 groups along with the boss group, 4+ Lightbringer rank reccomended.)
      • Monk-icon-smallTopo the Protector - Hard/Very Hard (Aggro once, run, and wait for him to fully summon his army, (about a minute), then shadow form in for a rather easy kill, due to the surronding groups of graven monoliths.)
      • Necromancer-icon-smallMaster of Misery - Hard/Very Hard (Pull together groups, beware of scythe attacks and death novas, armor of earth, obsidian flame, feigned neutrality all are good to have.)
      • Ritualist-icon-smallConsort of Ruin - Hard/Very Hard (Pull groups, and make sure it targets him and it will be easy, minions and blades of torment make this tough.)
    • Domain of Secrets
      • Elementalist-icon-smallExuro Flatus - Medium/Hard Exuro Flatus is relatively near the outpost and ressurrection shrine, but fighting him isn't too easy or too hard. Wait till a group of Shadow Army mobs come relatively near Exuro and aggro them for an easy kill. Bring Dark Escape and Feigned Neutrality to reduce damage from AoE. Veiled Nightmare effect have a tendency to screw you over, so bring Earth Attunement and low energy cost attack spells like Obsidian Flame. Rezone if a group of Shadow Army mobs spawns too close to the resurrection shrine. He is possible to farm in Hard Mode as well.

Eye of the North

8 Current Bosses

  • Far Shiverpeaks
    • Verdant Cascades
      • Mesmer-icon-smallWilderm Wrathspew - Easy/Medium (Start from Olafstead and go to the portal to get in Verdant Cascades. The run to the portal could get hard becouse of the monsters that are patrolling on your way.When trough the portal you will have to run to the ressurection shrine that will have place at the river. There will be a sort of bridge where the boss is floating on. Just lure him and have luck targeting him with sliver armor. Try to get him away from all other wind riders when not targeting him.(It's still possible at 60%DP. only the run will get harder)
      • Monk-icon-smallKaykitt Hidemender - Medium Take Ebon Battle Standard of Honor, Finish Him, Stoneflesh Aura, Dark Escape and Shadow Refuge. The Run is fairly easy, just use shadow form when running past the first group, all others are avoidable. Aggro her group, wait till they get close and cast all in order. When she is weak use finish him to get rid of the last little bit. Note that with Stoneflesh up their group won't be able to immediately kill you after shadow form runs out, and if they do, there is a close by shrine. Untested in HM.
    • Norrhart Domains
      • Paragon-icon-small/Warrior-icon-small Fenrir - Hard (Bring Glyph of Concentration or Deadly Paradox to reduce the chance to being interrupted. Sliver has a tendency not to target the boss, possible in Hard Mode, see discussion. You will also face Frozen Elementals and Avalances while running to the location, but they are easy not to aggro them.)
    • Varajar Fells
      • Dervish-icon-smallAsterius the Mighty - Medium/Medium-Hard (Exit Olafstead and run to the ressurection shrine where Asterius patrols. Try to pull surrounding mobs, and maybe bring armor of earth for some protection against the AoE damage.)
    • Ice Cliff Chasms
      • Elementalist-icon-smallElsnil Frigidheart - Very Easy/Easy (Go from Eye of the North and aggro one or 2 more groups of Frozen Elementals for an easy kill.)
    • Bjora Marches
      • Elementalist-icon-smallLord Glacius the Eternal - Very Easy Just wait for the Stone Summit to summon him and then start the Shadow Form chain.
  • Tarnished Haven
  • Char Homelands
    • Grothmar Wardowns
      • Monk-icon-small/Paragon-icon-small Chaelse Flameshielder - Very Easy/Easy Straightfoward run, you can avoid all patrol groups on the way there. Once at the entrance, wait for the two melee hitters to move towards the other group for extra damage and shadow step to the boss. Use other damage skills at your discretion but they shouldn't be necessary. If attempting this run in Hard Mode, you should consider bringing an interruption skill such as Disrupting Dagger to counter Life Sheath as well as Ebon Battle Standard of Honor to take down the boss as quickly as possible. Use Dash to lose any groups you might aggro along the way.
    • Alcazia Tangle
      • Assassin-icon-small Pywatt the Swift - Very Easy/Easy An easy way to reach the boss is to leave from Rata Sum and avoid the Angorodons as you go since they have skills that bypass Shadow Form and take the south exit into Alcazia Tangle. Aggro the additional Raptor group from the south but NOT the Ceratadons as they possess Shockwave and will kill you through your Shadow Form. With the additional group and Pywatt's group, you should have the sufficient number of enemies to use Sliver Armor effectively to kill the boss. If his green item does not drop, simply die and allow yourself to resurrect at the shrine near the area entrance and rezone to try again.

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