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  • Deadly Paradox nerf

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This gimmicky build allows an Assassin to apply heavy pressure (complete with conditions, knockdown and armor-ignoring damage) without exposing himself to the standard sin counters (blind, random interrupts stopping combo, snaring/kiting).

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=assas/mes deadly=12+1+1 insp=10 shadow=8+1 ][Augury of Death][Dancing Daggers][Entangling Asp][Signet of Toxic Shock][Deadly Paradox][Energy Drain][Feigned Neutrality][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Radiant Insignia
  • +20 energy staff
  • Spear/shield combo for defense/extra health
  • 20% Enchanting mod on a staff or martial weapon

Usage Edit

  • Cycle Deadly Paradox.
  • Spike with Augury of Death -> Dancing Daggers -> Entangling Asp -> Signet of Toxic Shock
  • Time the Entangling Asp to interrupt key skills (ZB, blessed signet, etc)
  • Spam Dancing Daggers until the enemy is dead or reuse the combo as the recharge times allow.
  • Use Energy Drain to keep your energy full (target monks with this; the energy denial adds pressure)
  • For Feigned Neutrality, swap to an enchanting weapon; FN can be maintained nearly indefinitely with proper timing.

Counters Edit

  • Removal of Poison
  • Interruption
  • Diversion
  • Vow Of Silence/ Obsidian flesh/ Spellbreaker
  • Backfire

Equip Edit

Equipment template: Pk5RTPZjliaikpWbqIl5I90Ml5IBLjo5IJVHl5IBrLl5ILF

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