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The Fever Outbreak assassin is built for dealing with a large amount of targets. It excels in a PvE and AB environment where the sheer amount of players and NPCs make sins unable to deal with all targets, so the Fever Outbreak assassin attempts to solve this by the use of the Mesmer elite Fevered Dreams to spread four potent conditions amid a large area of targets, while hitting the primary target very hard. It can solo cap shrines. The initial build is aimed at teams with a dedicated healer. If you do not have one, variants exist to cope.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=assas/mesme dagger=12+1+2 critic=10+1 shadow=7+1 illusi=4][Fevered Dreams][Shadow Walk][Black Mantis Thrust][Lotus Strike][Black Spider Strike][Twisting Fangs][Dash][Feigned Neutrality][/build] </pvxbig>

  • To fill in the Optional slots, look in the Variants section for many different uses for this build.
    • The Optional: Movement slot is currently filled with Dash.
    • The Optional: Defensive slot is currently filled with Feigned Neutrality.
    • The Optional: Offensive slot was replaced with Shadow walk.
  • If you don't have a dedicated healer, drop Critical Strikes down to 10 and put 8 points in Shadow Arts.


  • Armor: Radiant Armor with Runes of Attunement.
  • Weapons: Poisonous PvP Dagger of Fortitude with a 15% Modifier vs Hexed opponents. It is suggested however you bring along a Cripple, Deepwound, and Zealous Dagger set as well, using them as the situations call for it.


  • Select a target, hopefully one in the center of a large collection of foes. The area radius of Fevered Dreams is extremely large, so you can even pick an outlying foe and still possibly affect everyone. Now, hex your target with Fevered Dreams. Shadow walk towards target and hit him with Black Mantis Thrust to slow down, followed with Lotus Strike to give you energy for Black Spider Strike and Twisting Fangs. Everyone in the area should now be crippled, bleeding, poisoned, and suffering from a deep wound.
  • Escape from harm by using dash, which cancels your shadow walk and takes you back to your original location speedily.
  • Note, this build is very flexible in relation to combo attack order. You can fire off all three of your attacks at any time except Twisting Fangs, which HAS to follow an Off-Hand attack.


  • Hex removal before the combo can be carried out. However, Fevered Dreams only has a 10 second recharge.
  • General other standard anti-melee counters can pose problems.
  • Martyr


Fever Outbreak PvE

<pvxbig> [build name="Fever Outbreak PvE" prof=A/Me][fevered dreams][black mantis thrust][black spider strike][twisting fangs][signet of malice][critical eye][critical defenses][way of perfection][/build] </pvxbig>


  • This build is incredibly useful when used in conjunction with other builds that utilize dangerous conditions, specifically burning, daze, and blind. Teamed up with a Temple Strike sin for example and a barrage ranger or dervish that will 'hit' everyone while dazed, you can wipe out mobs very quickly if planned correctly.

See Also

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