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A devastating build capable of soloing most creatures of FoW and all of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. This build uses Shadow Form to remain invincible and shadow stepping to avoid danger, while doing large amounts of damage from the Mesmer hex Empathy and condition-inducing dagger attacks.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=assas/mesme shadow=9+1+3 dagger=8+3 critic=8+3 domina=11][Arcane Echo][Shadow Form][Shadow of Haste][Dark Escape][Empathy][Black Lotus Strike][Black Spider Strike][Twisting Fangs][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Because your health does not matter but your energy does, forgo a vigor rune in favor of two attunement runes.
  • Since if you aggro monsters outside of shadow form you will die, armor level is not important. Save money and buy starter level armor.


  • Activate Shadow of Haste when you have more than one aggro bubble's width between the edge of your aggro bubble and your target.
  • Run close to your target (without aggroing) and cast Arcane Echo. (If this is removed before you go on to the next step, cancel Shadow of Haste with Dark Escape, wait for your skills to recharge, and try again.)
  • Cast Shadow Form and charge into battle.
  • Cast Empathy and follow up with Black Lotus Strike so you have your hex and enough energy; follow up with Black Spider Strike and Twisting Fangs.
  • Once Shadow Form is between one quarter and one third recharged, cast the echoed copy.
  • Shadow of Haste should run out just before the echoed copy of Shadow Form begins to flicker, and Shadow Step you back to your safe zone. If it does not, use Dark Escape to cancel.



  • Fragility instead of Empathy will do slightly less damage but needs less attribute input in illusion magic to last the same duration.
  • Illusion of Pain will max out degeneration with only little attribute points. The enemy should be dead before it ends.

Variants that do not require Nightfall skills:

  • Replace Black Spider Strike with Golden Phoenix Strike for a spike skill which will recharge quick enough to be used twice in each assault. Note that the loss of degeneration from poision in Black Spider Strike will slow down the build, usually meaning a maximum of one kill in each assault.

Variants that do not require Dark Escape:

  • Have a Hero or Henchman as a party member.
  • Cast Recall on the henchman and flag to a safe area.
  • Begin your assault. Recall to the henchman when Shadow Form ends.
  • Be aware that patrolling mobs may enter aggro with your henchman, most likely resulting in your death.
  • Using Recall enables you to drop Shadow of Haste in favour of another attack skill such as Death Blossom.
  • Keep in mind that using a Hero or henchman will result in slightly less loot falling for you.
  • If only farming the first level of Tombs of the Primeval Kings, Recall can be used on the NPC's there without the need for another party member.


This build is not easy to learn, and you will tend to die at first, or not kill your target very quickly. Always use Shadow of Haste in a safe zone, or when it expires you will return to an enemy infested area and die. Be aware that this build is very slow for farming; you can kill one to two enemies in each assault. However, in theory, this build is the most versatile farmer ever.

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