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  • Black Lotus Strike nerf

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Similar to other metagame Assassin builds, this build is for PvE only and uses deadly dagger attacks coupled with degenerative conditions along with Assassin's Promise to swiftly kill your target and be able to move on to the next target without delay, while having Lightning Reflexes as not only an IAS, but a very high block rate. It is capable of taking out most targets by itself, but heavily armored or healed targets are best killed with team spikes just to be safe. If nothing else, this is probably the most fun build you will ever run.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=assas/range critic=10+1+2 dagger=10+1 deadly=9+1 shadow=7][Assassin's Promise][Death's Charge][Lightning Reflexes@0][Black Lotus Strike][Twisting Fangs][Black Spider Strike][Blades of Steel][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>



  • Select your target and activate Assassin's Promise
    Choose targets VERY carefully. Take out 'squishy' targets such as monks, elementalists, etc. first. Then when the mob begins to wind down to a few monsters, pile onto the heavier armored enemies such as warriors with your team to ensure the kill.
  • Immediately follow with Death's Charge followed by Lightning Reflexes
  • Use your attack chain: Black Lotus Strike, Twisting Fangs, Black Spider Strike, Blades of Steel.
  • Your target should be dead or near death, finish him off and move to your next target.
  • Use Feigned Neutrality as a self heal.
  • A good tactic to use is to cast Feigned Neutrality before the enemy dies, and let the conditions kill him off so Feigned recharges.


Plague Touch


Assassin&#039;s Promise Lightning Reflexes Black Spider Strike Death Blossom Black Lotus Strike Blades of Steel Impale Feigned Neutrality

Sacrifices Twisting Fangs and Death's Charge for Death Blossom and Impale, works great to take out PvE mobs with effeciency.

Other possible changes are listed here:


  • Choose targets wisely. Low AL targets such as casters and other assassins should be killed first, while tanks and protection monks should be killed last by team spiking.
  • If you fail to kill a target during Assassin's Promise, seek out other hex using players to remain effective.
  • It may be hard to kill a healing monk in the time before Assassin's Promise runs out.


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