The Shadow Prison Sin is a fragile yet deadly assassin used to take down targets quickly while making use of Shadow Prison to snare the target long enough to unleash the build's vicious assault.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=assas/warri dagger=11+1+1 critic=12+1 deadly=6+1][shadow prison][tiger stance@0][black lotus strike][twisting fangs][black spider strike][blades of steel][expose defenses][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>



  • The spike is done quickly, in the following order:
  • Shadow Prison -> Tiger Stance -> Black Lotus Strike -> Twisting Fangs -> Black Spider Strike -> Blades of Steel.
  • Execute the attack chain with Vampiric daggers.
  • Switch to Zealous daggers if energy runs low.
  • Use Ebon daggers when fighting a Warrior or when you are not engaged in combat.
  • Use Expose Defenses if your target is protected by any skill (Aegis, Guardian, Weapon of Warding) that gives a chance to block attacks.


  • Standard Melee counters.
  • Restore Condition will ruin a spike of this build, as it will remove all of the conditions you have put on the target and heal most of the damage dealt.
  • Hex Breaker will cause problems; even though your initial 'Hex Jump' will succeed, the hex will not be applied, and thus the combo cannot start. Follow immediately with Expose Defenses if you see that Shadow Prison did not hex the target: you may be able to hex your foe before Hex Breaker is reactivated.


  • Horns of the Ox is a common variant that sacrifices damage for a knockdown, and can therefore replace Blades of Steel.
  • An additional healing/defensive skill (such as Feigned Neutrality) can replace the Resurrection Signet for Alliance Battles or Competitive missions.
  • Siphon Speed can replace Expose Defenses as a backup hex to trigger the attack chain, and to quickly escape.
  • Impale can be used in conjunction with different dual attacks (Horns of the Ox in particular).
  • Assassin's Promise and Dark Prison can be used as a more PvE or AB/CM oriented version.

Significant Variants / Merged Builds

  • A visual reference of significant variants possible with the above suggestions.

Shadow Prison Tiger Stance Black Spider Strike Death Blossom Impale Signet of Toxic Shock Feigned Neutrality Optional
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