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This build is designed to apply massive spike damage to light- and medium-armored targets. In most situations, Warriors should be avoided until softer support targets have been neutralized. This build relies on Palm Strike to eliminate the need for a Lead Attack.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=assas/ critic=11+1+3 dagger=10+1 shadow=10+1][palm strike][horns of the ox][falling spider][twisting fangs][dash][blinding powder][shadow refuge][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>



  • Selecting the appropriate target is essential to the success of this build's skillchain. Choose a target that is not adjacent to any of its allies or its allied pets/spirits.
  • Run up to your target and lead with Palm Strike which doubles as an Off-Hand Attack.
  • If your target is still not adjacent to any of its allies, continue attacking using this skill-chain: Horns of the Ox, Falling Spider, Twisting Fangs.
  • If the target has moved to be adjacent with its allies, simply follow Palm Strike with Twisting Fangs.
  • Use Blinding Powder and Shadow Refuge as necessary to prevent and heal damage.
  • If a target begins to run away, use Dash to catch up with them.



  • Dash can be switched out with Shadow of Haste for a longer speed boost at the cost of Dash's faster speed.
  • If used in Alliance Battles, drop Resurrection Signet for Unseen Fury, as this synergizes well with Blinding Powder.
  • In Alliance Battle use Heart of Shadow instead of Ressurection Signet.
  • Consider using Shadow of Haste instead of Resurrection Signet, keeping dash so you can break the stance in tight situations.

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