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  • Seeping Wound nerf

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Uses Seeping Wound for hex primer chain to kill stuff.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=a/x dagger=12+1 crit=12+1+1][seeping wound][optional][black mantis thrust][fox fangs][trampling ox][falling lotus][twisting fangs][Optional][/build]

Optional Optional 1:

  • Rigor Mortis [[Rigor Mortis@3] - Unblockability and 2nd hex.
  • Shock [[Shock@3] - Universality through KD's on call and synergy with Falling Lotus Strike.
  • Flurry [[Flurry@0] - IAS.
  • Bonetti&#039;s Defense [[Bonetti's Defense@3] - for emergency defense.
  • Shadow Walk [[Shadow Walk@0] - To telespike and split in GvG. Take Dash as your second optional skill.

Optional Optional 2:

  • Resurrection Signet [[Resurrection Signet@0] for RA/GvG/HA.
  • Dash [[Dash@0] for AB/CM/GvG



The Equipment Template for this build is:
  • Full Survivor
  • Vampiric/Zealous/Ebon Daggers of Fortitude


  • 1234567
  • Spam Black Mantis Thrust and Fox Fangs.
  • Res allies.


  • Antimelee
  • Hex Removal
  • SoA


  • Wild Strike Wild Strike can replace Fox Fangs for stance removal.
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