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This build enables rangers and casters to farm raptors in Hard Mode for Asura Points. It uses Mist Form to not take damage and Whirling Defense/mind block and Magnetic Aura to not get interrupted to be able to cast spells to damage and kill the raptor nestlings and Rekoff Broodmother outside of Rata Sum. This build is capable of clearing almost all the raptor nestlings, down to the last 3 or 4.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=any/e EarthMagic=12 WaterMagic=12][Armor of Mist][Glyph of Sacrifice][Mist Form][Magnetic Aura][Mental Block][Air of Superiority][Sliver Armor][Ebon Battle Standard Of Honor][/build]

  • Rank 5 Asura is recommended to be able to keep up [[Air of Superiority] indefinitely.
  • You can replace [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor] with [[Intensity], [[Glyph of Elemental Power], [[Elemental Lord].
  • To keep the Raptors up close to you, [[Grasping Earth] can be used to replace [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor]. Although with a staff it is not needed.
  • Rangers Replace Mental Block with [[Whirling Defense]


Template Codes:

  • Warrior OQYSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA
  • Ranger OgYSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA
  • Monk OwYSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA
  • Necromancer OAZSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA
  • Mesmer OQZSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA
  • Elementalist OgBSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA
  • Assassin OwZSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA
  • Ritualist OAaSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA
  • Dervish OgaSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA
  • Paragon OQaSk4FTuDKDsDoCxlwl8Q5iA


  • Best vigor affordable
  • Radiant and Attunements everywhere else.
  • A +20 energy staff of Enchanting
  • You could also use a Totem Axe and an Earth Magic requirement focus, although the staff is recommended.
  • Rangers should put extra points into Expertise, have the +1 expertise head peice, and have a minor rune of expertise equipped.



  • Make sure Hard Mode is on before you enter Riven Earth from Rata Sum.
  • Once you zone, run to the Sky Krewe Member and get the asuran bounty.
  • Run toward the cave, making sure you do NOT agro any adult raptors (they will kill you).
  • Once at the cave entrence use [[Armor of Mist] and [[Glyph of Sacrifice] and, starting from the left hand side, agro all the nestlings in the cave.
  • As soon as [[Glyph of Sacrifice] starts flashing (not half a second before it ends but as soon as it starts flashing) use [[Mist Form].
  • When [[Armor of Mist] is about to run out use [[Magnetic Aura], even if you are not at the Broodmother yet, this prevents interupts against you.
  • Once you agro the broodmother, use [[Whirling Defense]/[[Mental Block] and keep attacking the broodmother with your staff.
  • Use [[Glyph of Sacrifice].
  • Cast [[Air of Superiority] -> [[Sliver Armor] -> [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor].
  • When the broodmother dies your skills will recharge, use [[Mist Form] and [[Sliver Armor] again.
  • [[Air of Superiority] recharges your skills, make sure [[Whirling Defense]/[[Mental Block] and Magenetic Aura are up when using [[Mist Form] and [[Sliver Armor] or you will be interupted.




  • Broodmother not dying
  • Sliver Armor being interrupted
  • Skill recharge effect from [[Air of Superiority] doesn't happen




  • Take a Paragon hero (see here) with [[Enduring Harmony] and [["Make Haste!"] and drop Armor of Mist for whatever skill you see fit.



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