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Uses Raven Blessing to make an efficent Stygian farm for any class, works in HM too.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=any/r Wild=12][Nature's Renewal][Quickening Zephyr][Raven Blessing][Storm Chaser][Natural Stride][Optional][Optional][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>

Template Codes:

  • Warrior OQIRgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA
  • Ranger OgARgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA
  • Monk OwIRgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA
  • Necromancer OAJRgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA
  • Mesmer OQJRgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA
  • Elementalist OgJRgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA
  • Assassin OwJRgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA
  • Ritualist OAKRgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA
  • Dervish OgKRgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA
  • Paragon OQKRgZi7Y7Aq844XDAAAAAA


  • Activate your Lightbringer title for bonus damage and enter Stygian Veil.
  • Use Drunken Master to get to the NPCs faster and take the quest and the hunt.
  • Move off to the northeast and wait for the Stygian Hungers to appear stop moving in front of the NPCs.
  • Cast NR just outside of agro range of the Hungers. (See image for reference)
  • Run between the two npcs, and stop in front of the adept, and nudge back slightly if they are hitting you at all. (See image for reference)
  • Once they all are stuck, plant Quickening Zephyr and using Raven Blessing, then spam Swoop until they're all dead. Don't worry about the damage spike from Grenths, it can't kill you.

Stand here.


Cast NR here.


  • Agroing badly results in death if you're not quick to run away.


  • With extremely low Norn and Lightbringer, it may not be possible to kill them in one ravens. It has been tested and confirmed to work with as low as r2 Norn and r4 LB, which makes each swoop do 82 damage.


  • Any 33% IMS may replace Drunken Master.

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  • This video shows how to properly agro them.
  • Note: This video uses EBSoH, which has no effect on the damage of the build.
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