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This build uses the spammability of Wounding Strike and Mystic Sweep to spread considerable pressure. Chilling Victory (especially while under Heart of Fury) provides extra spike capability.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Dervish/Elementalist Scythe=12+1+1 Mysticism=8+1 wind=8+1 Air=7][Wounding Strike][Mystic Sweep][Chilling Victory@9][Enchanted Haste][Heart of Fury][Conjure Lightning][Attacker's Insight][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Radiant or Survivor Insignias, depending on personal preference, the correct runes listed above, a Vigor rune, and Attunement/Vitae runes.
  • A Shocking Scythe of Enchanting or Fortitude, with "Guided By Fate" inscription.
  • Also bring a Vampiric or Sundering Scythe of Enchanting or Fortitude, with a "Guided By Fate" inscription, for attacking rangers and in case your conjure gets removed.
  • If you choose to use fortitude mods on your scythe, bring a 20% or 30% HSR staff with 20% longer enchantments to switch to when using any of your enchantments.



  • Enchantment stripping.
  • Normal melee counters- blind, weakness, block, anti-melee hexes, or snares.
  • Energy denial can cause problems.


  • Strength of Honor and Splinter Weapon have great synergy with this character.
  • Works well in a coordinated spike with teammates, as one or two attacks/spells from allies will kill most targets.


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