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  • Fell out of the metagame

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This build uses the Dervish elite skill Avatar of Dwayna for survivability and hex removal.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Dervish/Warrior mysticism=12+1+1 scythe=12+1][Avatar of Dwayna][Victorious Sweep][Eremite's Attack][Imbue Health][Distracting strike][Heart of Fury][Rush@0][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Zealous, Sundering Scythes of Fortitude.
  • A Defensive set of weapons (one-handed weapon with a shield, both have +30hp mods)
  • A Furious Spear of Fortitude to charge adrenaline from a distance.
  • Any armor with a Survivor Insignia on the Chest and Radiant Insignias everywhere else. Minor Mysticism, Minor Scythe, Runes of Clarity and Restoration, Rune of Superior Vigor.



  • General anti-melee conditions.


  • Distracting Strike can be swapped for Bull's Strike at one's own personal preference.
  • You can swap out Victorious Sweep and Heart of Fury for Pious Assault and Pious Fury for DW options.
  • Rush can also be swapped out for Sprint. Consider taking Wild Blow in place of Distracting Strike in this case.


  • The low adrenaline cost of Rush combined with the ability of a scythe to strike up to 3 adjacent foes means that it is easily charged. This is good, because not only is it your speed buff, but you should be using the skill whenever necessary to heal and cleanse yourself of any harmful hexes at the same time (for free to boot).
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