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This build uses the enchantment Sand Shards to quickly and easily take down Raptor Nestlings in one big kersplosion.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=D/W tac=11 earthp=12+1+3 mys=6+2][Avatar of Balthazar][Sand Shards][Veil of Thorns][Armor of Sanctity]["To the Limit!"]["By Ural's Hammer!"][Wary Stance][Whirlwind Attack][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor
  • The above runes, a Vigor rune, and Windwalker insigniae on all pieces.
  • Weapons
  • Any scythe of enchanting.



Not aggroing enough raptors. The build works best if you have 22 or more raptors aggro'd.

Letting too many raptors hit you when aggroing. If they hit you, they get crippled and can't chase you.


Mystic Sandstorm, Eternal Aura, or Light of Deldrimor if you find yourself not killing them all. If you use one of these, use it to finish them off after the Shard Bomb.


Using Avatar of Balthazar+Veil of Thorns+Armor of Sanctity makes you take 0's from all hits.

Letting the raptors hit you (after aggroing) is crucial to the build. The raptors must be able to renew Critical Defenses in order for you to trigger Sand Shards.

Minimum ranks in the PvE titles work fine, unless you are using the Eternal Aura or Light of Deldrimor variants.

Each run kills ~22 raptor nestlings and takes ~45 seconds.

Health usually does not matter, as you should not be taking any damage.

If you find them not dead in one hit, try to hit them with your scythe before you use whirlwind attack

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