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This Dervish build is great for PvE for dishing out some damage while still able to heal itself with a decent degree of energy management. This build is good for causing some AoE damage without the healer of the group focused on you and can heal the party to a better degree.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=dervi/any mystic=11+1+2 scythe=12+1 earthp=6+1][Victorious Sweep][Wearying Strike][Mystic Sweep][Conviction][Optional][Zealous Renewal][Avatar of Melandru][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

  • For optional skills, see Variants section.


  • Armor: Radiant Insignia for energy mixed in with Survivor's Insignia for health. Radiant Insignia should be used on the chest area for maximum energy.
  • Weapons: Any good Scythe should do. A staff with high energy bonus is recommended, as DP can decrease the energy pool so that you cannot cast Melandru.
  • Runes: In addition to the runes outlined in the Attributes table, take a Rune of Attunement and the best Vigor rune you can afford. Nightfall characters - such as all Dervishes - get a Rune of Minor Vigor from an early quest.


  • Before running into battle, activate your enchantments and Avatar of Melandru.
  • The very first attack should be Wearying Strike to put a deep wound your enemies. Activate Mystic Sweep to add some more damage.
  • Conviction should be maintained for the armor bonus.
  • Spam Victorious Sweep for extra damage.
  • At this point Zealous Renewal should finish and you should gain all your energy back.
  • Repeat this process until the targets are taken out.


  • Energy denial and draining.
  • Hex spam and interrupts, especially on Avatar of Melandru.


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