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  • Nerf to Shadowform means that while things used to die, now they won't.

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This build uses high damage PBAoE spells, with the added damage bonus from the Lightbringer title, to farm caster-only groups in Ravenheart Gloom for Torment Gemstones.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=e/a firema=12+1+3 waterm=2+3 energy=6+3 shadow=11][Shadow Form][Death's Charge][Glyph of Sacrifice][Meteor Shower][Bed of Coals][Frozen Burst][Flame Burst][Flame Djinn's Haste][/build] </pvxbig>

  • With a Lightbringer rank of 4 or below, consider using one of the Variants. See the Discussion for additional ideas.

Equipment Edit

  • Armor 0
    • Radiant Armor with Attunement Runes where possible (Or equivalent). Ensure that you have at least 90 maximum Energy.
  • Weapons
    • Any single handed weapon with +5 energy and +20% enchantment duration extension. Rajazan's Fervor or the Totem Axe are ideal.
    • A focus with a "Live for Today" inscription (+15 energy, -1 energy degeneration). Chung's Focus is ideal.

Usage Edit

  • Enter Ravenheart Gloom from the Gate of Anguish. Receive the bounty from the Whispers Informant.
  • Run past the first group of foes with Shadow Form and Flame Djinn's Haste up.
  • Now, near your position there are two mobs made entirely of spellcasters:
    • One to the left, composed of a mixed group of spellcasters.
    • One to the right, composed of six Curse of Darknesses.
  • Wait for combat between the Shadow Army and the Order of Whispers ends. Get closer to the mixed group.
  • Cast Shadow Form and get into the middle of the enemy group with Death's Charge.
  • Now attack with all of your AoE spells from left to right.
  • Should any foes attempt to escape, you may either:
A - Run away with Flame Djinn's Haste.
B - Cast a second Flame Burst.
  • Once the mixed group has been cleared, repeat the above tactics for the group of six Curse of Darknesses.

If there are two or more people running this build in a run, a third group to the East may be run, this is a hard group to farm solo due to the healer.

Counters Edit

Other Farmable areas Edit

  • The quest Battle of Turai's Procession

(see the discussion of this article for details.)

  • Stalking Nephila in Hard Mode outside Sunspear Great Hall, no variants needed, see Build:R/N Whirling MoP for details on how to aggro properly.

Variants Edit

Under Lightbringer Rank 4, see the discussion of this article.

Screenshots Edit

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Video 2 Hard Mode Video

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