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  • Outdated
  • Inferior to permaform and E/Me terra tanks

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This build is used by an Elementalist tank mainly for a 5 Man Fissure of Woe team. However, it can also be used with a Nuker and a Bonder or Healer to form a 3 man FoW party. <pvxbig> [build prof=Elementalist/Dervish EarthMagic=11+1+3 EnergyStorage=11+3 EarthPrayers=8][Obsidian Flesh][Stoneflesh Aura][Glyph of Swiftness][Armor of Earth][Earth Attunement][Grasping Earth][Fleeting Stability][Mystic Regeneration][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Weapon: An Earth elementalist staff with Half recharge of spells (chance 20%) and insightful staff head (energy +5) A staff wrapping of enchanting ( enchantments last 20% longer)and a "Have Faith" inscription (energy +5 while enchanted)
  • Armor:
  • Head- Rune of Superior Earth Magic, Blessed Insignia
  • Body- Survivor's insignia, Rune of Superior Vigor
  • Hands- Rune of ???, Blessed Insignia
  • Legs- Rune of Vitae, Survivor's Insignia
  • Feet- Rune of Superior Energy Storage


Keeping Mystic Regeneration up, cast Earth Attunement first (to keep up energy) then cast Stoneflesh Aura, Armor of Earth. Casting Glyph of swiftness, run into the group of enemies and when you have their "agro" cast Obsidian Flesh and (if attacking Abbysals) cast Fleeting Stability. Try not to cast these two spells before you get the agro as Obsidian Flesh slows you down and Fleeting Stability will knock you down if it lasts it's full duration. When every enemy is attacking you cast Grasping Earth, which will give all party members the ability to easily escape any agro they gain.While fighting, keep an eye on the duration of fleeting stability, renewing it if it is close to ending and you are still fighting (you are knocked down when it ends). When the enemies have been killed, you can let fleeting stability end.


Any enemies with a spell to remove enchantments are potentially dangerous, try and avoid these or make them the first target. Also, if fleeting stability is interupted or disabled when you are attacking Abbysals, many other spells like stoneflesh aura can be interupted.


As long as you have a Bonder who casts Balthazar's Spirit on you, Earth Attunement can be replaced by another spell of your choice. It is, however, recommended because if you run out of energy with this build you will not last long. Another variant is to have Veil of Thorns and Armor of Sanctity instead of Earth Attunement and Grasping Earth.

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