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Executing a chain that can do an excess of 800 damage to caster targets, this build simultaneously takes no damage whatsoever. The amount of damage you need to be taking initially in order to be hit for damage after your enchantments is in the range of 190-200.

<pvxbig> [build prof=e/me earth=11+3 Inspiration=6 fire=12+1+3 energy=2+3][Mantra Of Earth][Armor of Earth][Stone Striker][Stoneflesh Aura][Double Dragon][Phoenix][Flame Djinn's Haste][Arcane Echo][/build] </pvxbig>


  • A caster weapon.
  • A Fire Magic Focus with a +1(20%) mod.
  • Geomancer's Armor is optional, but keep it in mind that the aforementioned 190-200 damage range was calculated with Geomancer's Armor.
  • The boss that has this build's elite skill also drops the best focus for the job.


Stance and enchant yourself, making sure to have the Mantra on after stone striker, and Stoneflesh on after the other enchantments. Aggro a group and get them all around you. You should be taking zero damage, and gaining energy, so don't worry about how long you take to get everything together. Because your taking zero damage, don't hesitate to let any possible interrupt hit you, and then start casting.

  • Arcane Echo
  • Double Dragon
  • AS THE SECOND HIT OF DD comes in, cast Phoenix
  • As the second hit of Phoenix comes out(I.E, about a half second after the number's vanish), cast Double Dragon
  • Cast Flame Djinn's Haste immediately, allowing you to finish off targets and to run from (unlikely) survivors.


  • Health Degeneration
  • Enchantment Removal
  • Life Stealing
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