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  • Monster AI update

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The Mist Form farming build is made for minotaurs on the Elona Reach mission, or Trolls in the Talus Chute caves. Additionally, this build can farm the Stone Scale Kirin and Undergrowth in Pongmei Valley This build takes advantage of Mist Form's negation of the damage you take from physical attacks.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

<pvxbig> [build name="Mist Farmer" prof=eleme/mesmer fire=12+1+3 energy=4+1 water=11+3 inspiration=5][Fire Attunement][Arcane Echo][Mist Form][Channeling][Flame Burst][Inferno][meteor shower][optional][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Optional: For troll farming, the slot is best used with Armor of Mist, to run by the Avicara sometimes blocking the cave entrance. For minotaur farming, a skill such as Frozen Burst is useful, to slow down minotaurs and deal extra damage. Also, you may want to use Aura of Restoration for a constant health gain if you happen to get hit with an attack. Lava Font is good to disperse the enemies if you need a few seconds to put up another Mist Form. If you want to deal extra burning damage, then use Bed of Coals. Use it right after Meteor Shower for its burning effect.


There is no special armor needed. Any Fire or Water staff or wand/offhand with a 20/20 HCT/HSR mod is advisable. Furthermore, a perfect Staff Wrapping of Enchanting can keep Mist Form active for longer.


Before approaching selected foes, cast Fire Attunement followed by Arcane Echo. Run into the trolls/minotaurs, aggroing as many as possible, then immediately cast Mist Form. After Mist Form is cast (and echoed), cast Channeling for more energy management. Start the volly of PBAoE attacks with Meteor Shower followed by Inferno or Flame Burst. You should be able to get another Flame Burst off before Mist Form starts to run out. Cast the echoed Mist Form as soon as the original starts blinking, and renew Channeling. Continue PBAoE casting until Mist Form starts to run out again. By then the original Mist Form will have recharged and you will be able to cast a 3rd Mist Form.


This build is specifically designed to farm minotaurs on the Elona Reach mission, or Trolls in the Talus Chute caves but may be able to farm in some other areas. However Mist Form only protects against physical attacks so spell casters will still do damage. Any enemy with enchantment removal will hugely reduce this build's effectiveness.

Also note that Mist Form negates the damage of the attack used against you, NOT the effect. Example: Poison Arrow will cause no damage but will cause the Poison effect.


The monster AI update caused monsters to flee from AoE spells, reducing the effectiveness of this build.

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