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  • Sliver Armor nerf causes mass triggering of Vengeful Weapon.

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This build is the E/Mo variant of Build:E/Me Glint's Challenge Destroyer Farmer. You will gain energy through Balthazar's Spirit while spreading lots of damage through Sliver Armor and Alkar's Alchemical Acid,

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=E/Mo name="Glint's Challenge Balthazar Variant" HealingPrayers=11 ear=12+1+3 ene=5+1 AirMagic=4][Glyph of Swiftness][Armor of Earth][Stoneflesh Aura][Obsidian Flesh][Sliver Armor][Alkar's Alchemical Acid][Healing Breeze][Balthazar's Spirit][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Alkar's Alchemical Acid can be replaced with Mental Block if you are having trouble keeping your health up on Hard Mode.


  • Any max AL armor
  • Any weapon with a +20% increase in enchantment duration, Galigord's Stone Staff or Droknars's Earth Staff is ideal.


  • Enter Glint's Challenge.
  • Pre-cast Balthazar's Spirit and maintain it.
  • Position yourself somewhere between the two doorways and wait.
  • When the first wave of destroyers are about to reach you (~60secs on the timer) start maintaining Armor of Earth, Stoneflesh Aura, Obsidian Flesh and Healing Breeze
  • Chain Glyph of Swiftness with Obsidian Flesh and Stoneflesh Aura in order to keep them up constantly.
  • When the timer reaches aprox. 3 minutes, the last group of destroyers should come.
  • Take a few steps forward so the Destroyers won't attack the dragon when you move to a group.
  • Start moving towards the eastern group and position yourself in range for sliver armor to act.
  • Cast Sliver Armor for a massive damage combo. Also cast Alkar's Alchemical Acid for some spike damage and Cracked Armor apply.
  • When you're done with the eastern mob, move to the northern one and repeat the above.


  • Vengeful Weapon can do some large amounts of damage so be careful how you use Alkar's Alchemical Acid.
  • If you cast any of the defensive enchantments too late, you will probably be killed as there are ~100 enemies hitting you.


  • You can drop the 4 Air Magic for Glyph of Swiftness, and put them into Energy Storage (NOTE: You will only be able to chain the glyph with Obsidian Flesh, so be sure to pay attention to Stoneflesh Aura)
  • In NM, it is possible to drop both Armor of Earth, Healing Breeze, and Alkar's Alchemical Acid for damage-boosting skills such as "By Ural's Hammer!" and Ebon Battle Standard of Honor. Air of Superiority should be taken to manage health and provide occasional skill recharge. This will provide much faster NM runs.


See also

  • A video of this build in action: [1]
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