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{{Archived-Build|date=18:14, June 17, 2010 (UTC)|category=great|type1=GvG|type2=HA|type3=RA|reason1=general water build [[Build:E/Rt Standard Water Ele]]}}
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== Variants ==
== Variants ==
*[[gw:Rust|Rust]] instead of Winter's Embrace
*[[gw:Rust|Rust]] instead of Winter's Embrace
*[[gw:Glyph of Lesser Energy|GoLE]] over Glowing Ice.
*[[gw:Glyph of Lesser Energy|GoLE]] over Water Attunement.
*A Hard Res.
*A Hard Res.
*Mirror of Ice's cost is displayed incorrectly, it's real cost is 15 energy.
*Mirror of Ice's cost is displayed incorrectly, its real cost is 15 energy.
[[Category:Multi-campaign builds|E/any MoI Elementalist]]
[[Category:Multi-campaign builds|E/any MoI Elementalist]]

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An elementalist using Water Magic for defense and spiking ability.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=E/any Water=12+1+1 Energy=12+1][Shard Storm][Freezing Gust][Winter's Embrace][Blurred Vision][Glowing Ice][Mirror of Ice][Water Attunement][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

  • See the Variants section.

Equipment Edit

The Equipment Template for this build is:
  • Survivor's, Rune of Sup Vigor
  • 40/20/20 Enchanting Set
  • 40/40 Water Set
  • Defensive Sets

Usage Edit

  • Cover Water Attunement and Mirror of Ice
  • Shard Storm -> Freezing Gust for spiking.
  • Shard Storm, Freezing Gust and Winter's Embrace to snare targets.
  • Glowing Ice for Energy Management.
  • Blurred Vision for anti-melee.

Counters Edit

  • General Anti-Caster.

Variants Edit

  • Rust instead of Winter's Embrace
  • GoLE over Water Attunement.
  • A Hard Res.


  • Mirror of Ice's cost is displayed incorrectly, its real cost is 15 energy.
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