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  • Glyph of Energy nerf

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This mesmer uses Earth Magic on a standard mesmer template to own.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=me/e dom=11+1+1 fast=10+1 earth=10][Earthquake][Diversion][Power Leak][Mirror of Disenchantment][Shatter Enchantment][WaM][Glyph of Energy][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Use full Survivor's Armor with the appropriate runes.
  • For a PvP character, weapon sets should be:
  • PvP Spear of Fortitude, Brawn Over Brains inscription, with a PvP Shield of Fortitude with a +armor inscription.
  • PvP Spear of Fortitude, I Have the Power! inscription, and the shield from above.
  • PvP Illusion Wand of Memory, Hale and Hearty inscription, with a PvP Illusion Focus of Fortitude, Forget Me Not inscription.
  • The above wand, with a PvP Illusion Focus of Fortitude, Live For Today inscription.


  • Precast Glyph of Energy often, as all your spells cost lots of energy.
  • Use Ward Against Melee to ward meleers.
  • Normal stuff with the mesmer skills.
  • Shatter Enchantment or Glyph of Energy --> Earthquake to aid in spikes depending on the situation:
  • Shatter if the target is enchanted.
  • Earthquake if the target is in 'nearby' range of any supporting allies or if the target isn't enchanted.
  • Earthquake will also help mop up NPC's during VoD.


  • Standard anti-caster shutdown.
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