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  • CoP nerf makes MoR not as good as just taking shielding hands.

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The 55 Mesmer has been designed to show that Mesmers are just as good (if not, better) 55's as Monks. It farms physical attackers without degen. It uses Mantra of Recovery to keep up Shield of Absorption and follows the traditional 55 Monking.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mesmer/Monk Fast fast=12+1+3 Prot=12][Shield of Absorption][Protective Spirit][Mantra of Recovery][Ether Nightmare][Arcane Echo][Cry of Pain][Balthazar's Spirit][Essence Bond][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Any Armor Rating is possible.
  • 5 Superior Mesmer Runes, at least one of them needs to be a Superior Rune of Fast Casting.
  • Insignia's are not needed, but Radiant Insignias can help.
  • Sword, Axe or Spear of Enchanting with an "I have the Power" Inscription.
  • The -50hp Grim Cesta Quest Reward from Cities of Ascalon.
  • A decent Sunspear Rank


  • Maintain Essence Bond and Balthazar's Spirit.
  • Keep up Mantra of Recovery (at all times!).
  • Cast Protective Spirit and Shield of Absorption and aggro your foes.
  • Select one foe and cast Ether Nightmare, Arcane Echo, Cry of Pain and your Echo-ed Cry of Pain.
  • Keep repeating until dead.
  • Make sure your enchantments are always up.


  • Degeneration
  • Stance removal
  • Enchantment removal
  • To a lesser extent, interrupts


  • Drop Mantra of Recovery and Arcane Echo. Replace them with Mantra of Resolve and Shielding Hands. This way you can farm foes with interrupts (i.e. Raptor Nestlings).
  • Drop Mantra of Recovery and Arcane Echo. Replace them with Healing Breeze and Shielding Hands. Drop Fast Casting so you can spend 11 in Healing Prayers. This way you can farm foes with Health degeneration less than 9.


  • The AI usually only interrupts your second spell (except for Ether Nightmare), especially with this high Fast Casting. As long as you don't spam your skills, interrupts will hardly be there.
  • Keep targeting one foe when using your damage spells. This is because foes scatter when melee and more than three. You can lose targets this way, and the lost targets will regenerate.

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