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The Faster Caster uses almost maximum fast casting for full time 33% reduction in recharge and 50% reduction in cast times of all spells. This build is not recommended for people with slow reflexes as it is an interrupt heavy build targeting hex-users and spellcasters.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=mesme/monk fastca=12+1+2 domina=10+2 inspir=8+1 healin=2][Power Spike][Cry of Frustration][Power Drain][Empathy][Drain Enchantment][Mantra of Recovery][Remove Hex][Resurrection Chant][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Sentry's Armor for the +10 armor in a stance
  • 20/20 inspiration wand, 20/20 domination focus


  • Keep Mantra of Recovery up at all times. At 15 Fast cast, it should last 20 seconds with a 20 second recharge time. No skills are over 20 recharge, which means all skills have less than 15 second recharge under this stance.
  • Use Power Spike on spells you think you can interrupt. This deals damage.
  • Use Power Drain on spells you think you can interrupt when low on energy. This gives a net energy gain when you use it.
  • Use Cry of Frustration when there is a non-spell skill you want to interrupt. Do not use this on spells as its damage is pitiful for the energy compared to Power Spike.
  • Use Drain enchantment for energy and to remove an enchantment from your target. This gives a net energy gain when you use it.
  • Cast Empathy on attackers.
  • Remove Hexes with Remove Hex.
  • Always be the first to resurrect with Resurrection Chant, because you have the fastest cast time.


  • Skills that remove stances


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