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This build basically is an anti-spammer. It prevents foes from spamming their skills. It will work well on Searing Flames elementalists and Protection Monks.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=mesme/any domina=12+1+1 fastca=8+1 inspir=10+1][power block][wastrels worry][arcane thievery][diversion][guilt][signet of humility][inspired hex][drain enchantment][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Either a staff with Hale staff head +30 health and staff wrapping of fortitude +30 health (for maximum health) or a staff with Insightful staff head +5 energy and staff wrapping of fortitude +30 health (for energy).
  • Rune of Superior Vigor


This build is basically getting foes that spam their spells, which is true for most foes. If you want to cast Power Block first, you'd want to target a foe who is an offensive spell caster or you can reserve Power Block and cast it during mid-battle on a defensive foe like a monk (please remember this is an interrupt not a hex), but it might prove to be difficult to interrupt a foe with skills that have short casting time.

Your main targets would be spammers, so cast Arcane Thievery on them and also Diversion. You can spam Wastrel's Worry as you wait for Arcane Thievery and Diversion to recharge. Skills from 1-4 consume large amounts of energy so skills from 5-8 are generally to conserve your energy. Cast Guilt on foes who target your allies often; most offensive casters are good targets. Guilt, if successful, will return some energy. Signet of Humility is effective when used correctly in shutting down builds that depend on their elite skill. Inspired Hex is not an anti-spam skill, but does give you energy and helps your team. The same goes for Drain Enchantment. These two skills can be changed to other anti-spam skills depending on the user's preference on energy management.

Some good targets for anti-spam are boon/prot monks, touch rangers, and Me/E.


  • Backfire can be devastating because of the lack of self healing.
  • Conditions can easily kill you.


  • Exchange Guilt for Shame to put defensive casters out of business.
  • Blackout with Signet of Humility is an excellent defense against touch rangers.
  • Replace Signet of Humility with Ether Feast for healing purposes.
  • Replace Drain Enchantment with Inspired Enchantment for a "chance" to get healing enchantments or protection enchantments to help you survive.
  • Replace Wastrel's Worry with Arcane Larceny for more anti-spam skills, but more energy usage.
  • Replace Power Block with Mantra of Recovery to recharge Diversion faster.
  • Replace Arcane Thievery with Arcane Echo so Diversion can be used more.


This build can be noticed to work when a foe starts to flee or seemed to be just attacking normally. This build is most compatible with a health degen teammate and a healer.

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