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Abuses the two main wins of PvE to kittenstomp everything!

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/E Smiting=12+1+3 Prot=9+1 Divine=9+1][Ray of Judgment][Smite Hex][Shield of Absorption][Protective Spirit][Aegis][Castigation Signet][Glyph of Lesser Energy][optional][/build]

  • [[Smite Condition@16] - Condition Removal + Damage
  • [[Shielding Hands@10] - Prot
  • [[Rebirth@10]/[[Sunspear Rebirth Signet]
  • [[Strength of Honor@16] - Big damage.
  • If being used by a human consider bringing
    • [[Intensity] or [["By Ural's Hammer!"] for more damage.
    • [[Seed of Life], at least in HM.
    • [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor] For a party wide buff.



  • Survivor's or Radiant Insignia, Best Rune of Sup Vigor.
  • For a Hero bring either a 40/20/20 Prot Staff (longer lasting quicker casting prot spells), a 40/40 Smite Set (More beams) or a simple Spear and Shield Set.
  • For a Human bring all of the above for maximum efficiency.



  • General anti-caster


  • Go /Me for inspiration bases energy managements (Drop prot and divine by 1). (best used for heroes only)
    • Waste Not, Want Not
    • Power Drain
    • Drain Enchantment
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