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The Monk/Necro is a popular healing build for monks, centering around the Blood Magic skill Offering of Blood. This allows energy regain every 15 seconds, increasing the effective available energy pool tremendously.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/necro divine=10+1 healin=11+3+1 bloodm=10][orison of healing][healing touch][infuse health][dwaynas kiss][heal other][heal party][healing seed][offering of blood][/build] </pvxbig> Typically, the skill set is a variation on the following. Notice the inclusion of the energy expensive spells Heal Other and Infuse Health. This is the majorly spike healing lay out.


The most effective equipment depends on the usage. If you trust the other monks to heal you, full Ascetic's Armor is preferred for the larger energy pool, allowing extending healing using expensive healing spells such as Heal Other and Heal Party. If you expect to come under greater attack, go for one of the armors with additional protection.

Use a staff (with +10 energy) that decreases Healing Prayers casting time and recharge time, with +5 energy (Insightful) and +30 health (of Fortitude) upgrades.


This heavy spike healing monk specializes in countering spiked attacks, it is not a jack-of-all-trades monk and needs to go together with other monks to work. Infuse Health is the main anti spike skill, providing a huge health boost to the target with a very short casting time. Be sure to follow up with Healing Touch on yourself to regenerate your own health. Heal Other is a very good anti-spike skill as well, while Dwayna's Kiss works against spikes that use hexes. Against non-spiking teams, this healer stays in the back-line and uses Heal Party to provide energy-efficient healing to everyone.


  • In guild matches and the arenas where Healing Seed is less needed, it is recommended to replace that skill by a fast hex removal, e.g. Holy Veil.
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