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The Shiverpeaks Runner makes running through the Southern Shiverpeaks no longer impossible. Due to spell-breaking it is good for routes full of hex-casters, and guarantees a more secure run than any other class or build. It is primarily built around Spell Breaker and the main Ranger running skills.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/R hea=3 div=12+1+3 wil=12][Serpent's Quickness][Spell Breaker][Storm Chaser][Natural Stride][Mending Touch@0][Healing Touch][Watchful Spirit][Blessed Aura][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

Armor Edit

It is essential to wear infused armor for the run to Marhan's Grotto or Thunderhead Keep where many Mursaat and Jades with Spectral Agony would instantly kill you without Infusion. Other than that, consider using:

Runes Edit

Weapons Edit

A weapon with 20% longer Enchantments is essential for lengthening the duration of Spell Breaker, and shortening the recast gap between 2x Spell Breaker. Divine Favor Skill Recharge bonus is helpful but not strictly required for this build to work. Options:

Usage Edit

Maintain the following casting orders when running.

Enchantment Sequence Edit

How To: Watchful Spirit, though providing only a Health recovery of +2, heals you for 190 when canceled by double-clicking on it. Therefore in emergency situations (Avicara Rangers, Jade Bows) cancel this skill, if you need immediate health. Blessed Aura extends the length of Spell Breaker and in combination with Serpent's Quickness it guarantees that you can cast Spell Breaker twice.

Running Sequence Edit

How To: When you initially activate Serpent's Quickness you wait till it has half recharged, then cast Spell Breaker and cancel Serpent's Quickness with Storm Chaser to initiate the running sequence. This way Spell Breaker can be used at least twice in a row.


Notes Edit

Major Running Principles Edit

  1. Don't aggro too many groups.
  2. Evade and choose a direct pass through groups.
  3. It's better to aggro one group than two, even if the one group is much bigger.
  4. Avoid boss aggroing, because bosses have a different aggro radius. They won't give up chasing you as easily as all the other non-boss characters.
  5. Take your time for regeneration of your Health and Energy.
  6. If you are a paid runner, run your routes secure rather than fast.

Specific Hints Edit

  1. It is vital to keep up Spell Breaker as long as possible. With a 20% longer enchantment item, Serpent's Quickness and Blessed Aura you should be able to keep up Spell Breaker for at least twice in a row, three times if you let it recharge beforehand.
  2. Storm Chaser gives you energy for elemental attacks. Though, do not start the running sequence with less than 30 Energy (5 + 15 + 10).
  3. In order to heal up make use of your high Divine Favor attribute to gain health by using skills that you may not need at the moment such as Healing Touch, and Mending Touch before thinking of canceling the energy-intensive Watchful Spirit.
  4. Sometimes it is useful to recast your already used Watchful Spirit even while running, and immediately cancel it again to boost up your health. Pay attention to your Energy bar, though. Spellbreaker, and a running skill has the first casting priority.

Possible Routes Edit

  1. Camp Rankor to Deldrimor War Camp
  2. Deldrimor War Camp to Granite Citadel to Copperhammer Mines
  3. Copperhammer Mines to Iron Mines of Moladune (with meatshields (NPCs, etc.) only)
  4. Iron Mines of Moladune to Marhan's Grotto to Thunderhead Keep
  5. Beacon's Perch to Camp Rankor to Droknar's Forge (When using "I Am Unstoppable!" )
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