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* Overaggroing Smites or Grasping Darknesses.
* Overaggroing Smites or Grasping Darknesses.
* Forgetting to kill/wand Dying Nightmare.
* Forgetting to kill/wand Dying Nightmare.
== Notes ==
== Notes ==

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This build has been designed for the following use:

A Riposte/Gladiator's Defense Monk build for soloing Aatxes and accomplish Smite Run in the Underworld solo.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Monk/Warrior ProtectionPrayers=9+1+3 HealingPrayers=7+3 DivineFavor=6+3 Tactics=12 SmitingPrayers=3+3][Protective Spirit][Vigorous Spirit][Deadly Riposte] [Riposte][Gladiator's Defense][Bonetti's Defense][Balthazar's Spirit][Mending][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Standard 55 equipment (see Invincible Monk).
  • Obviously, you must use a caster sword (instead of a caster axe). A furious mod is optional, but helpful.


  • This can be used only in Normal Mode, as it's impossible to safely kill a Nightmare in Hard Mode.
  • After getting to UW, cast Balthazar's Spirit and Mending. Approach Aatxes slowly, cast Protective Spirit and wait until it recharges. Aggro them. If a Dying Nightmare will pop out, run away, when he strips your enchantments cast Protective Spirit again and run behind Benton. Nightmare should be dead, if he isn't, wand to death. Recast your enchantments and approach Aatxes.
  • Remember to pre-cast Protective Spirit!
  • Start attacking one of them to gain adrenaline. Use both ripostes as soon as possible, same goes for Gladiator's Defense.
  • They should fall rather quickly. If you begin to run out of energy, cast Bonetti's Defense.
  • After clearing the Chamber get quest from Lost Soul.
  • Kill Grasping Nightmares. Because of their e-denial and high attack speed, you can and should use Bonetti's Defense whenever you are below 15 energy.
  • Get to the Ice Wastes, killing any Aatxes and Nightmares along the way.
  • Attack a Smite (ignore Elementalists) and use ripostes as normal. When you get knocked over, stop attacking, as one of them has cast Shield of Judgment. Wait a few seconds, and recast your enchantments. If you have Gladiator's Defense, you are rather safe. When it runs out, BE IN BONETTI'S DEFENSE ALL THE TIME! Smite's have really, really big damage output that can kill you very fast.


  • Overaggroing Smites or Grasping Darknesses.
  • Forgetting to kill/wand Dying Nightmare.


  • You can solo all Aatxes + smite run in less than 40 minutes, but because Aatxes have x4 bigger chance of dropping Ecto, you will get more money than doing just Smite Run.
  • Sometimes monsters attack themselves. If it happens, wait next to them. If Smites survive, let them regenerate and aggro. However, if Coldfires survive, they like to block the way. In this case you have to find another route or decide to either try to run past them or just not farm Smites behind the Coldfires.


You can go W/Mo, but you won't use the primary attribute and you will have weaker survivability. Also your energy regeneration will be lower by 2 pips.

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