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This hero build was made to provide a solid counter to all meta Hero Battles builds. It provides strong healing and spike stopping with it's monk skills and is virtually impossible to spike down due to the almost permanent up-time of stances. This build operates best in a build with layered defenses across all heroes and players. Unlike most meta monk heroes it can solo split against almost any combination of two heroes (or a Assassin + X/N) without being killed.

Attributes and Skills (Hero)

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/W tac=11 hea=12+1+1 Div=6+1][Word of Healing][Signet of Rejuvenation][Remove Hex][Purge Conditions][Shield Stance][Disciplined Stance][Balanced Stance][Shield Bash][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Full Survivor and three Vitae runes.
  • Spear: +5e, +30 health
  • Shield: +30 health, +10 Armor vs Piercing
  • Shield: +30 health, +10 Armor vs Fire


  • Keep skills 4-8 cancelled.
  • The key to using this build effectively is to understand common builds.
  • Against Deadly Arts, try to Balanced Stance as soon as you see Signet of Judgement or Entangling Asp being used. If it's the increasingly common Deadly Arts + RPs variant make sure you're using your block stances as often as possible during Balanced Stance's downtime. Don't attempt to remove Augury of Death unless you're no longer under pressure, instead wait for it to trigger then Purge it.
  • Against non-Backbreaker Sins, just try to keep a strong block-web together with the occasional Balanced Stance. Shield Bashing Horns of the Ox is a key way to disrupt chains and relieve pressure. Removing Deep Wound is extremely important, you will not be able to outheal the sin's pressure while it is reducing your healing.
  • Against Backbreaker Sins, use Balanced Stance when they shadow step/run at you, and use Shield Bash to ward off spikes while it's down. Many Backbreaker teams carry Blackout on a hero, if this is the case make sure you watch for their hero to move towards your monk and immediately Shield Bash as soon as you see it activating. If you get Blackouted (Blacked out?) without a stance up, force Shield Bash and Purge and hope for mercy. If Rigor Mortis is on you, attempt to Shield Bash the first Falling Strike; if it is not, attempt to Shield Bash Backbreaker or the first skill possible.
  • Against Dual Meld/Snare, this build is more or less dead weight, use it as an extra pip on shrines that you're trying to cap.
  • Against non-Dual Meld Monks, this build can hold out against their heroes for decent lengths of time (depending on what mix it is and how stupid your hero is about AoE). Use it as an extra capper that they won't be able to force kills through. Make sure you use Balanced Stance against ANs and your block stances against WPs, RPs, and ADs. If you get dazed, just stance up and Purge, you'll usually be cleared.


  • Prolonged exposure to three or more offensive characters
  • Moebius Assassins
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