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  • Outdated
  • Introduction of much more powerful solo farms allow faster farming in more locations.

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The Midnight Solo is one of a very few builds centered around the Mesmer elite skill Signet of Midnight. This solo build will work on all Warrior bosses located in the Jade Sea. It should be applicable to most Warrior and Assassin bosses in other areas, as long as you isolate them.

This build has been proven to work on:

This build focuses on blinding the target and uses failure hexes to get energy as well as deal some damage. With a high chance to miss with attacks (25%+25%+52% from hexes and 90% from blindness) the target will simply never hit you with an attack. Mixed with -9 Health degeneration this build is very effective and can kill almost any Jade Sea Boss in 60 seconds.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=necro/mesme illusi=10 domina=6 inspir=6 curses=12+1+3][signet of midnight][ignorance][parasitic bond][conjure nightmare][spirit of failure][price of failure][reckless haste][mantra of resolve][/build] </pvxbig>



The usage is very simple.

  • Find the boss, cast Mantra of Resolve and pull him out.
  • Try to cast Signet of Midnight before his first attack. Normally he will hit you once before you can blind him and you should survive it.
  • Now cast the 3 failure hexes:
  • Start with Spirit of Failure to start getting energy right away.
  • Follow with Price of Failure which will deal 32 damage on each attack attempt.
  • And finally finish with Reckless Haste to speed up killing. This hex will also keep us safe with 52% chance to miss.
The total hit rate, factoring in all miss rates, is 2.7% for any melee boss.



  • Even though the hit rate of the boss does become 2.7%, if you are really unlucky, you may still die if the boss get some hits through between the time your hexes has worn off and before you get to replace them (most notably Reckless Haste).
  • Sight Beyond Sight


  • Take a look at the video below if you are unsure about some of the steps.
  • After some practice it will take about 60 seconds to kill a boss like Sskai.
  • Certain bosses, like Sskai, have wandering mobs around their spawn point. Make sure you observe the area carefully to avoid patrols, it is suggested that you bring a Longbow or a Flatbow to lure him away.
  • For Geoffer, pull him into the Resurrection Shrine area so that the NPCs there will support you, since Geoffer is always accompanied by at least 2 other Outcasts.
  • Remember, refreshing Parasitic Bond on the target before it has expired will cancel the first copy -- in other words, the healing effect will only occur once, 20 seconds after the second casting. It is very important that you do not reuse Parasitic Bond until the previous one has worn off.

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