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The BiP necromancer (also known as a battery) is a powerful source of energy for the party using the skill Blood is Power. The core of the build involves using BiP on party members, getting healed (or self-healing) and doing the same over and over.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

<pvxbig> [build prof=necro/any bloodm=12+1+3 soulre=10+1 deathm=8+1][jaundiced gaze][well of suffering][well of blood][blood renewal][blood is power][blood ritual][consume corpse][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Scar Pattern Armor is recommended for energy. Adding Superior Runes to reduce health is an option.
  • Any staff (or wand and focus item combination) that provides +5 Energy and fast recharge and cast time for Blood Magic is optimal. An item which reduces health or one that lengthens enchantments (for Blood Renewal and BiP) can help also.


  • Keep Blood Renewal on at all times.
  • Use Blood is Power on any party member you wish to give Energy to.
  • Use Blood Ritual as a cheaper and long-lasting alternative to Blood is Power (as your Energy permits).
  • A good Battery never waits for people to call their Energy. Instead, the bipper should have a plan:
    • Before a fight, the bipper should provide energy to "setup" party members (such as trappers, bonders or ritualists)
    • During a fight, the bipper should bip the healers, then other casters, then frontline attackers in that order of priority.
  • Use wells as Energy and circumstances permit.
  • Use Consume Corpse for energy, healing and/or corpse denial.
  • Having as little maximum health as possible allows the bipper to be extremely effective in doing his/her job, however, this should only be done if the bipper is very good at staying alive. Dying does not really harm the bipper, but having to do without the bipper in the middle of an intense fight is not a good thing for the other party members.


The only essential skills of the build are BiP and Blood Renewal. Therefore an endless number of variants (and combinations with other tasks) can be imagined usually at the expense of the attribute points in Death Magic. Some popular alternatives are:

  • Choose Order of Pain to increase the physical damage dealing.
  • Choosing a monk secondary and using Heal Area for self-healing or spamming Heal Party to help with the healing and self heal and also using Protective Spirit to account for the lack of health if you decide to go with lower HP.
  • Choosing an elementalist secondary and using wards to protect the backline of the party.
  • Replace Resurrection Signet with a hard rez when situations/secondary professions permit.

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