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Basic MM Hybrid that uses Flesh Golem.

Skills and Attributes Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/any Death=12+3+1 soulreap=8+1 Curses=10+1][Animate Flesh Golem][Animate Bone Fiend][Animate Bone Horror][Blood of the Master][Mark of Pain][Barbs][Signet of Lost Souls][Sunspear Rebirth Signet][/build]

  • [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor] for an addition to minion damage.
  • [[Animate Bone Minions] over Horrors to get many minions to trigger your hexes.
  • [[Masochism] will reduce the energy cost of BotM to 1.
  • [[Enfeebling Blood] for anti-melee.
  • [[Weaken Armor] for Cracked Armor.
  • [[Glyph of Lesser Energy], with or without SoLS.
  • [[Mindbender] to have your spells cast faster. Excels in areas with corpse denial.
  • [[Necrosis] for single target damage. Synergy with Jagged Horrors.


Equipment Edit

  • Bloodstained Boots, Radiant Insignias, appropriate runes.
  • 40/40 HCT Death Magic Staff
  • Defensive Spear/Shield set.

Usage Edit

  • Begin to raise minions.
  • Reduce enemy damage with Enfeebling Blood
  • Deal AoE nukage through Mark of Pain.

Counters Edit

  • Lack of corpses, stalemate situations.
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