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This paragon build gives constant damage output using scythe skills, Aura of Holy Might and Asuran Scan. It has some party-wide damage reduction and uses "Go For the Eyes!" and "The Power is Yours!" for energy management. Also provides your party with a near constant +1 energy regeneration.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=p/d scythe=12 leadership=10+1+1 motiv=7+1 command=4][asuran scan][Mystic Sweep][Eremite's Attack][Optional][go for the eyes][the power is yours][Aura of Holy Might][theres nothing to fear][/build]

  • [[Zealous Sweep@12]: More energy
  • [[Wearying Strike@12]: Use with [[Purifying Finale] on a hero. Use when you can spam "GftE!" immediately after landing Wearying Strike.
  • [[Aggressive Refrain@12]: For IAS; beware of the -20 armor penalty.





  • Zealous Scythe (req 9-11)
  • 20% Enchanting Staff for casting Aura of Holy Might



  • Anti-shout skills such as Vocal Minority
  • Anti-adrenaline hexes such as Soothing Images
  • Blind/Missing, blocking, and hexes that trigger on attacks



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