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A build designed to farm the first 1-2 groups from the quest in Stygain Veil.

<pvxbig> [build prof=Para/R Leadership=10+1+1 BeastM=12 Command=8+1]["Dodge This!"]["Can't Touch This!"]["Fall Back!"][Blazing Finale][Edge of Extinction][Focused Anger][Aggressive Refrain][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>

  • "Go For The Eyes!" For "Dodge This!"
  • Charm Animal (you can death level your pet this way.)


  • +20e staff for setting up. +e armor can help.
  • Spear for faster attacking.


  • Get the quest, and run to the left side, out of aggro.
  • once they've come, wait for the shadow patrol to pass so you can aggro the first wave.
  • Charge going on the left side of the left NPC using "Fall Back!" and "Can't Touch This!"
  • Stop and walk backwards inbetween the 2 NPC's
    • ^This part can be hard, however, once you master it, it will be extremely easy.
  • Walk backwards through the 2 NPC's
  • at this point if done correctly, the Monsters will be body blocked by the two NPC's and themselves. If one goes around, move behind a NPC and they should be blocked. (don't get jumpy, even if it hits you, 9/10, it will still be body blocked, so don't flee.)
  • use AR for IAS. (you may need a +e Staff, may need +e Armor)
  • Use Focused Anger then begin attacking. get enough energy to use Blazing Finale.
  • Use Dodge This for energy and AOE Burning, switch targets every few seconds.
  • About halfway, use EoE to ensure group death.
  • Continue and collect drops.
    • 2nd wave is harder and takes a bit longer, so it is probably worth just resigning at this point.


  • Standing in the wrong position
  • Once in a while a random horror may get out of line and not get stuck. It can sometimes be avoided by moving to the other side of the NPC, but generally accept that it happens and go again.
  • Not killing all of the horrors at once will cause different groups to spawn and they can run around the NPC's.

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