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  • Severe nerfs to "Incoming!".

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Sogolon's Legacy uses Vocal was Sogolon to extend the duration of party beneficial |shouts, and act in a support role. It allows "Incoming!", one of the best Paragon damage mitigation skills in the game, to last quite a while on allies which helps monks outheal spike and pressure damage. The build also requires very little energy management, most of the skills cost 1 or 2 in net energy used.

<pvxbig> [build name="p_rt vws support paragon" prof=parag/ritua comman=10+1+3 restor=12 leader=8+1][vocal was sogolon][enduring harmony][incoming][never give up][never surrender][soothing memories][optional][signet of return][/build] </pvxbig>



  • Superior Command Rune x1
  • Superior Vigor Rune x1
  • |Runes of Vitae/Attunement/Purity/Recovery/Restoration according to playstyle. Recovery is recommended.
  • |Centurion's Armor
  • +armor or + energy spear or restoration wand paired with a +1 restoration offhand.
note: What you are wielding generally does not matter, as you will be holding Sogolon's Ashes most of the time. The +1 restoration on the focus is for a 20% chance to get higher level ashes when you cast the spell.


  • Cast Vocal was Sogolon.
  • Use Shouts when under the effects of VwS.
  • Use Enduring Harmony on party members you want "Incoming!" or your other shorter duration shouts to last longer on.
  • Use Soothing Memories while under the effects of VwS
  • This build is very energy efficient in terms of the amount of net energy spent. With 8 Leadership, most of your shouts will end up costing only 1 net energy if you have 3 other allies in the area. Soothing Memories is an 82 point heal for 2 net energy if you are holding Sogolon's ashes.
  • "Never Give Up!" and "Never Surrender!" should be used in that order, for energy first, then health regen, so that the regen will not heal allies out of the health range that "Never Give Up!" triggers at.

While holding ashes, you won't be doing very much, outside of spamming shouts which can be used on the move, and using your one or two heals. Therefore, try and position yourself to help your party out, either by |body blocking, or staying in a cap area. However, keeping as many people in earshot range as possible is your top priority.



Fill your two optional slots with whatever the situation requires

For areas such as AB where mobility is very important, consider using:

In degen/condition/hex heavy areas:

Other situations/Other skills worth considering:

For a variation with more health:

  • Drop the Superior Rune of Command, and raise it to 12 + 1 + 1, and lower Leadership to 3 + 1. However, this not recommended as the trade off is 2 energy per shout for 75 health


|Echoes are not very good in this build unless another paragon with short duration shouts and chants is present. Vocal was Sogolon and Enduring Harmony will make shouts generally last too long to trigger echo effects.

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