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This support Paragon together with the two healer henchman can cover all the defensive needs of the Nightfall campaign.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=parag/warri motiva=11+1+3 spearm=8+1 leader=9+1 tactic=8][Spear of Lightning][Signet of Synergy][Song of Restoration][Ballad of Restoration][Aria of Zeal]["Watch Yourself!"]["Shields Up!"][Signet of Return][/build] </pvxbig>


You should focus on defense with your gear, since energy is easily managed by staying close to your team.

  • Armor:
    • Insignias: Centurion's insignia on all armor pieces.
    • Runes: Superior Motivation, Minor Leadership, Minor Spear Mastery, Vigor (highest possible), and Vitae.
  • Weapon:
    • Use whichever spearhead will support your skills best -- Furious will allow you to keep "Watch Yourself!" ready to use relatively well even with all the chants and echoes that you're casting.
    • Use the inscription "I have the power!" for +5 Energy.
    • Use a spear grip of Defense.
  • Shield:
    • Use a Shield that requires Motivation.
    • Use either the inscription "Master of My Domain" for extra Motivation or "Luck of the Draw" for damage reduction.
    • Use a Shield Handle of Fortitude.


  • This Paragon is very efficient in preventing and healing the damage to the whole team (like AoE spells, generic pressure, and health degeneration of the team). "Shields Up!" is also useful to prevent damage from ranged attackers, which is very common in the Nightfall campaign.
  • Using "Watch Yourself!" for energy management lets you easily spam all your other skills.


  • If you can't acquire adrenaline you can't spam all your skills.
  • Necromancers' Anti-Paragon hexes completely shut down this build.


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