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  • tactics buff
  • whirling causes aggro split in HM

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This is a build that will allow a Ranger to be able to tank in The Deep in the Steel Wall team.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ranger/Assassin exp=12+1+1 Shadowarts=12][Escape][Lightning Reflexes][Whirling Defense] ["I Am Unstoppable!"]["You Move Like A Dwarf!"][Death's Charge][Recall][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Sentry armor, minor expertise rune, vigor rune, two attunement runes.
  • An Icy axe or sword of fortitude, Like the Icy Dragon Sword. This is to trigger Spinal Shivers which the necro on the team brings.
  • A shield with 45+ health and -2 damage vs physical while in a stance


  • Use Death's Charge to enter groups to prevent most leaks.
  • Stance chain- Escape -> Lightning Reflexes -> Escape -> Whirling Defense -> Escape -> Lightning Reflexes -> Escape -> 4 second gap in chain ->(repeat chain from Escape).
  • Use "I Am Unstoppable!" when taking heavy damage and/or knockdowns.
  • To knock down Kanaxi aspects, use "You Move Like A Dwarf!"
  • Refer to Team - "Steel Wall" Deep Group for usage of Recall, how to pull, and how to make a 'wall'.


  • This build has 30 less armor vs physical damage than the warrior version. However, this build has 20 more vs elemental.


  • Dwarven Stability at rank 4 or more can probably replace Whirling Defense. The Chain would then be Dwarven Stability -> Escape -> Escape -> Lightning Reflexes(Before DS runs out) -> DS -> Escape -> Escape -> Lightning Reflexes(Before DS runs out) -> Repeating.
  • Replace Death's Charge with Troll Unguent, putting all shadow arts into Wilderness Survival
  • Replace Death's Charge with Feigned Neutrality.

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