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The Weariness Ranger is an oddball energy denial build. It is well suited for the Team Arenas or the Global Tournament where players are often found close together. It is somewhat less useful in GvG, where front and backlines tend to be more clearly defined, and proper positioning for Signet of Weariness is hard to achieve.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=range/mesme expert=12+1+3 domina=12 inspir=3][oath shot][debilitating shot][signet of weariness][mantra of signets][mind wrack][blackout][optional][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>


Your primary targets are rangers and energy using warriors, preferably warriors who are ganging up on your monks. The skill usage order is:

  1. Mantra of Signets
  2. Signet of Weariness (*)
  3. Signet of Weariness
  4. Debilitating Shot
  5. Oath Shot

Try to use Signet of Weariness against clumped opponents. One round of this will leave a warrior completely drained of energy and a ranger almost useless. Use Mind Wrack to reap the benefits of energy denial and to know when the target(s) have been fully drained.

Use Blackout to shut down important targets such as protection monks before a spike.


The optional slot allows this build to be instantiated in a number of different scenarios.

Counters and Criticism

  • This build is a one trick pony. It is not well suited for ganking in split teams, as it has a terrible damage output.
  • The step marked (*) above is key. If the chain is interrupted there, then the energy denial is countered for at least another 20 seconds (recharge time of Oath Shot).
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