This build has been archived as of 22:28, 5 January 2008 (EST), for the following reasons:

  • Metagame shift.
  • Various skill buffs and nerfs.

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The Prepared Shot Ranger (so called because of the elite: Prepared Shot) is always prepared via Apply Poison. It then uses the Marksmanship energy management skill, Prepared Shot, to allow itself to skimp on Expertise for more offense, allowing it to be a versatile and hard hitting ranger with excellent endurance. This is a boon in lengthy battles, where the Ranger is designed to operate.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=R/Mo expert=9 wilder=9+1 marksm=12+1+2 protec=3][Savage Shot][Prepared Shot][Screaming Shot][Distracting Shot][Apply Poison][Natural Stride][Troll Unguent][Mending Touch][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor: Your choice. You could go all energy, or you could go with Scout's armor due to your preparation use. See below for details on this.
  • Weapons: Suggested you use a poison bow generally and a crippling bow when you use Pin Down. Use a Silencing bow if you're using Concussion Shot. Choose between a shortbow for a faster firing rate, or a recurve bow for a little more range and flight speed. Finally, a longbow for max distance shots.


  • Keep Apply Poison upon yourself during combat, being sure to spam Prepared Shot every six seconds for additional damage and energy.
  • Interrupt enemies with Savage Shot and Distracting Shot. You should be able to spam this ability with the energy management from Prepared Shot. You will also be doing considerable damage if interrupting spells.
  • Use Screaming Shot every eight seconds to move -7 degen amid enemies.
  • To selectively spike a squishy target, spam Savage Shot, Prepared Shot, and Screaming Shot. With your 15 (or 16) Marksmanship and the damage modifiers from these three shots, you will be able to do a considerable amount of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Remove harmful conditions with Mending Touch.
  • Use Natural Stride for both a speed-boost and a reflexive counter to being attacked.
  • Heal yourself and counter health degeneration with Troll Unguent.
  • In AB, and you find yourself fleeing from an enemy (such as a shadow stepping assassin), use Pin Down to run.


  • Hex degen cannot be removed via Mending Touch, and will counter the regen from Troll Unguent.



  • This build works very well on Heroes due to the "spamming" nature all heroes seem to fall under, as they will "Spam" Prepared Shot.
  • The extra armor from Scout's armor is only in effect when activating a preparation, not when you're under its effects.

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