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Fueled by Oath Shot, this ranger lays down otherwise expensive spirits at a greatly subsidized energy cost due to Expertise, providing a wide array of beneficial effects.

Attributes and Skills

  • Offensive Variant:

<pvxbig> [build prof=range/ritua expert=10+1+3 commun=12 restor=8][oath shot][whirling defense][displacement][union][shadowsong][dissonance][generous was tsungrai][optional][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Defensive Variant :

<pvxbig> [build prof=range/ritua expert=12+1+3 commun=10 restor=8][oath shot][whirling defense][displacement][recovery][union][shelter][generous was tsungrai][optional][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Weapons - Recurve Bow with +5 energy (from Nuwisha, or inscribable with "I Have The Power!" inscription) and Fortitude mod.
  • Survivor and Vitae Runes.


  • Use Whirling Defense while under attack or at risk of Ranger Interrupts.
  • Keep Generous Was Tsungrai up, as opposed to using it when necessary, as it has a relatively low cost and the main limit on its healing comes from recharge, not energy.
  • Use these skills preferably before oath shot if they have recharged to achieve full benefit.
  • Against spell based group, set up dissonance first, whereas against melee groups, use shadow song. These spirits will reduce the damage done to your builds, as well as potentially devastating area of effect spells on spirits.
  • Set up spirits spread out, as opposed to on the same spot, or else AoE spells or Dervishes (especially with Banishing Strike) would make short work of them.
  • In some situations, use spirits to body block for effect. Set up dissonance offensively near monks if your group needs offense, at the back defensively if you need help against assassins or melee.


  • Anti-spirits or summoned creature skills such as Banishing Strike.
  • Armor dependent damage spells, especially AoE ones.
  • Blocking or Dodging Oath Shot, or Blinding you while it is being activated.


  • Pain does not benefit as much from Oath Shot, but is a nice addition if more damage is needed, and it would also help the energy management of the build.
  • Dulled Weapon is good for countering assassins when your defensive stance is not up

  • Sight Beyond Sight is good to have, so you don't miss with Oath shot
  • Feast of Souls can be useful in some situations, as long as you don't miss with Oath Shot. Especially with the recent update that cut the casting time of many binding rituals.
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