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The Splinter EoE Bomb uses Barrage, Splinter Weapon, and Edge of Extinction to farm the quests Battle of Turai's Procession and Destroy the Ungrateful Slaves. Any other quests or areas that have large mobs of one creature type that bunch tightly together may also prove a successful farming ground. This build is very capable of farming the intended areas alone, maximizing the monetary gain.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ran/Rit beastmastery=12+3+1 channeling=12 expertise=3+1][splinter weapon][barrage][optional][optional][run as one][zojun's haste][dodge][edge of extinction][/build] </pvxbig>

Use Channeled Strike or Destruction as your optional slot to destroy any enemies that do not die as a result of the Edge of Extinction bomb. Zojun's Haste or Dodge are helpful for retrieving drops should there be any survivors.


  • Radiant armor
  • Zealous Flatbow with an "I Have the Power" (energy +5) or "Strength and Honor" (15% higher damage while health is above 50%) inscription.



Size of army from Battle of Turai's Procession.

Core Usage Technique

  • Lay down Edge of Extinction a safe distance away, while still affecting the enemy
  • Cast Splinter Weapon
  • Use Barrage
  • Run back out of range as soon as your character begins the animation for Barrage
  • If energy allows, use a running skill to reduce the time that it takes to run out of range
  • Repeat Splinter Weapon/Barrage until all enemies are dead
  • If stragglers remain, either use one of the optional skills (see above), or attempt to defeat them with Barrage

Battle of Turai's Procession

  • If you have it, activate the Lightbringer title track. Margonites are considered Demons and thus are subject to the bonus damage.
  • Run to Mirza Veldrunner in Turai's Procession
  • Let the Margonites defeat all the Veldrunner Centaurs
  • Wait for the Margonites to bunch together
  • Follow the core usage technique outlined above

Destroy the Ungrateful Slaves

  • Run to the Shattered Ravines from the Bone Palace
  • Talk to Primeval King Jahnus to begin the quest "Destroy the Ungrateful Slaves"
  • Let the slave spirits kill the primeval king and his bodyguards
  • Wait for the slave spirits to bunch together
  • Follow the core usage technique outlined above


  • Hexes and conditions that cause slow while running to the farm site
  • Degeneration
  • Stragglers that survive the Edge of Extinction bomb
  • Skills that provide a chance to block or dodge the Barrage
  • Skills that negate or prevent damage (such as Abaddon's Chosen or Divine Intervention)


Battle of Turai's Procession

<pvxbig> [build prof=R/Rt name="Variant R/Rit Splinter EoE Bomb" bea=8+3 exp=3+3+1 wil=6+3 mar=8+1 cha=12][Barrage][Splinter Weapon][Run as One][Storm Chaser][Optional][Tranquility][Winnowing][Edge of Extinction][/build] </pvxbig>

One can alternate between Run as One and Storm Chaser, allowing more efficient use of the running skills and opening up additional skill slots, compared to the original build. This variant uses those slots to achieve greater damage per Barrage by increasing the physical damage inflicted per arrow (via Winnowing) and reducing the time that defensive enchantments, such as Aegis, are in effect (via Tranquility). A Zealous Flatbow of Demonslaying is suggested for farming the Battle of Turai's Procession.

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