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This is a PvE build that focuses on the stance renewing ability of "On Your Knees!" combined with a powerful ranger stance that increases attack speed and blocks attacks. With high elemental armor and near constant physical evasion, this build is highly resistant to most damage.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=range/warri hammer=12 expert=9+1+1 wilder=9+1][earth shaker][crude swing][yeti smash]["On Your Knees!"][lightning reflexes][dryders defenses][troll unguent][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Lead with Troll Unguent before charging into combat if you think you might be the target of heavy fire (especially if charging a group of casters instead of physical attackers).
  • Use Lightning Reflexes next to build adrenaline with Crude Swing to help (as you should be avoiding 75% of attacks you will not take much damage while suffering from -40 armor).
  • Use Dryder's Defenses if Lightning Reflexes runs out or use it first if you need extra elemental protection when charging enemies with elemental attacks.
  • Make sure you are in a group of foes before executing the next step for the best effect. It is best to already be surrounded by foes rather than seeking targets.
  • Start the chained attack sequence with Earth Shaker to knock down your foes, then Crude Swing to build adrenaline back up and damage opponents while they are down, then Yeti Smash while they are getting up to finish the chain.
  • Either Earth Shaker chain again or use Earth Shaker to knock down your foes and "On Your Knees!" to recharge your stances.
  • Troll Unguent as needed.




  • Any max damage customized hammer (with either +15% damage while in a stance or +15% damage always, energy -5). Energy will likely never be a problem with this build unless you encounter very heavy energy denial.

Suggested Weapon Mods:

Similar Green/Unique Hammers:




  • Armor and Health are important as tanking requires these and you will not have any shield to help out. Having a teammate bond you helps considerably.
  • A cooperative team allowing you to tank will make your damage even more effective as you will have the enemies around only you.
  • AoE scatter skills used by your teammates will ruin the DPS of this build. Be sure to coordinate with them to avoid this.
  • Beware larger enemies that are immune to knockdowns.

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