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Utilizing the power of Offering of Spirit, this hybrid has the energy to pump out heals and buffs much more than a normal support ritualist, while still maintaining effective anti-condition, anti-hex, and strong damage buff capabilities. In RA it can singlehandedly make a team beat the other through proper healing, use of Warmongers, and Ancestors'. In TA it can make all the difference as a secondary healer, while still being able to provide excellent buffs to a frontline.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig>[build prof=Rt/Mo res=10+1 cha=12+1+1 spawning=6+1 prot=6][Offering of Spirit][Bloodsong][Warmonger's Weapon][Ancestors' Rage][Mend Body and Soul][Aura of Stability][Holy Veil][Resurrection Signet][/build]</pvxbig>


  • Standard caster weapon sets:
    • +5energy/+30hp Spear and a selection of shields
    • a backup spear with 20% enchanting instead of hp for casting Aura of Stability
    • low/high energy sets
    • 40/40 channeling set
  • Armor with survivor's insignias


  • Set up Bloodsong in a good position, and recast it occasionally.
  • Assist in healing using MBaS.
  • Maintain AoS on the monk.
  • Buff your frontline with Warmonger's Weapon, and recast it as necessary.
  • Keep your energy topped off with OoS.
  • Use AR to support in spikes or as general pressure.
  • Preveil and execute general hex removal with Holy Veil.
  • Res your allies with res signet. Res people with working res signets.



  • Bloodsong getting interrupted or the spirit killed.
  • Anti-caster hexes like Migraine
  • Daze
  • Knockdown chain
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