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This build uses Gladiator's Defense to provide defense and do a bit of damage. The main damage comes from the Channeling Magic skills to kill melee mobs. This build can farm Smite Crawlers in the Underworld, Mountain Trolls in Talus Chute, Elementals in Old Ascalon, and Minotaurs in Elona Reach.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=ritua/warri channe=12+1+3 tactic=12 axemas=3][splinter weapon][cyclone axe][ancestors' rage][cruel was daoshen][spirit rift][gladiator's defense][defensive stance][sprint@0][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Axe and Shield:
  • Radiant or Survivor armor
  • Three armor pieces should have a Rune of Attunement. This build requires at least 43 energy to be safe.
  • One armor piece should have the highest possible vigor rune.

General Usage

The Underworld


  • Take the quest Clear the Chamber.
  • Pull each mob of Grasping Darkness one by one using your running skill.
  • Use the damage chain to kill the Grasping Darknesses.
  • When you have killed three groups, use sprint and enraging charge (if you are bringing it) to get to the Ice Wastes.
  • When you are there, kill each Smite Crawler group one by one. Each group should die pretty quickly.
  • Avoid Coldfire Night patrols.


Mountain Trolls

Trolls can be killed in Hard Mode as well.



  • Protector's Defense can replace Defensive Stance, allowing you to use Gladiators defense and Protectors to gain more than 75% blocking. Note that protector's defense is not a stance and will end if you move.


  • You only need Prophecies and Factions to use this build.
  • This is one of the fastest Underworld solo builds.
  • This build does not work on mob size of 1 or 2 without spirit rift as the effectiveness of the splinter weapon drops significantly.



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